Sukkot and the Seasonal Shift

It happens like clockwork.  Here in Connecticut, Rosh Hashanah is generally warm and sunny and by Yom Kippur the nights are downright chilly.

Sukkot comes just five days after and the foliage is suddenly tinged with vibrant oranges and happy yellows of Autumn.  The festival of Sukkot requires us to shift our moods suddenly also, from the days of contemplation and solemnity to a spirit of joyful thanksgiving and celebration. Our menus quickly transition to warming foods and for many of us,  that means soup.

In order to not overwhelm the cook with complicated recipes as we head into yet, another holiday, I share this super easy recipe by one of my blogging gal pals, Hannah Kaminsky. Hannah is a brilliantly accomplished cook, author and photographer.  I am awed by her ambition and accomplishments, especially considering that she is only 22 years old!

I interviewed her recently,  after the release of her book Vegan Desserts Sumptuous Sweets for Every Season. It has become my indispensable guide to non-dairy and vegan desserts.   Her recipes are both easy and convenient for kosher cooks who require non-dairy soups, sides and desserts to accompany meat meals. Thanks for sharing , Hannah.

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