Spice it Up with this Cookbook Give-Away

Spice it Up with this Cookbook Give-Away

Interested in learning the basics of Moroccan cooking? We’re giving away one copy of Sharing Morocco: Exotic Flavors from My Kitchen to Yours by Ruth Barnes!

To find out why we love this cookbook, scroll down to see our review and check out a recipe for Moroccan-Style Stuffed Grape Leaves with lamb and Pine Nuts.

Here’s how you can enter to win this enticing cookbook:

Leave a comment at the end of this post telling us which ethnic cuisine you are most interested in learning more about. If we’ve hit the mark by highlighting Moroccan cuisine this week, tell us what you’ve always wanted to make but have never tried.

Is it flaky and decadent baklava? a slow-cooked tagine? Stuffed grape leaves? More Middle Eastern vegetable salads? After reading Barnes’ straightforward recipe, I’m ready to tackle making grape leaves!

This contest runs from 6 PM on 2/4/15 through midnight on 2/9/15.

Be sure to watch Kosher Like Me’s facebook page where the winner will be announced on 2/10/15.

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Good luck. We can’t wait to hear from you!

















  1. The ethnic cuisines I am most interested in are Persian and Moroccan. There are some similarities between them and some differences: both like baklava but rice is more prevalent in Persian cooking while couscous is more prevalent in Moroccan cooking. Love stuffed grape leaves and shish kebab!

  2. We lived in the Arabian Peninsula for several years and learned to love foods we never would have tried otherwise. Liver for breakfast? Beans and eggs? We miss those Mediterranean and North African flavors! Would be great to have a book like this to get them back into our diet.

  3. I’ve always felt over my head with genuine Indian and would like to learn more about the cuisine. But, I’m big into stews and trying different flavors so the tagine sounds good. I’ve also always wanted to learn to make stuffed grape leaves.

    Our bodies crave variety, so I’m to trying most types of food!

  4. I love Moroccan cooking and found a source to buy harissa. Although I grew up with Ashkenazai cooking, I find Sephardic cooking to be much more interesting, especially in the use of spices and citrus. Second favorite type of cooking is Indian, despite all the time it usually takes and also the number of different spices I have to have on hand.

  5. I’ve had Moroccan food but never prepared it myself I love it and want to serve it in my own home for friends and family. I love all kinds of foods and very much would like to expand my world in flavors and spices!

  6. I love the flavors of Morocco, Israel and India. I.m always intrigued by the idea of tagine but I’m not sure I’d like all the dried fruits with the spices. How about “kosherizing” some Indian dishes?

  7. I used to live in Israel but have always been drawn to Moroccan food. My family is of European background, so the spices and cooking techniques (taboon etc) of the Moroccan kitchen are something I would love to learn and master. While living there, I learned to use and love lemon seeds in my coffee blend. The use of combining citrus with the spices native of Morocco give food a fresh and tangy twist to our (family’s) regular fare.

  8. Over the years I’ve learned to make a variety of ethnic dishes however I’ve never made anything Moroccan and would like the opportunity to expand my abilities.
    Would absolutely love to have this cookbook!

  9. My long lost sister in law is from Morocco. She taught me how to cook a few Moroccan dishes. She promised to teach me a few dishes with Couscous before she disappeared. I bought the Couscous and have been playing with it, but would like to have some authentic Moroccan recipes as my family has enjoyed the others she shared with me.

  10. After my husband returned home from his last deployment, he was disabled. While waiting for his benefits to kick, we went through our savings and ended up losing our home and everything else. Including my cookbooks. Now, a few years later as we rebuild our lives, it would be nice to begin rebuilding my cookbook collection with this book.

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