Dishcrawl Old Greenwich; VEG option!

Dishcrawl Old Greenwich; VEG option!

Have you heard? Dishcrawl dates in Greenwich, CT flew off the laptops so quickly that a third date has been added.

Don’t wait though:

Dishcrawl June 11, 7 PM

$45 buys you a tix to join other foodies, check out four outstanding local restaurants in one evening, and enjoy the surprises waiting for you. You’ll find out where you start by e-mail, 48 hours before.

Tell Jesse Leeds- Grant, Greenwich Dishcrawl Ambassador,  that you are vegetarian if that’s what you’d like:

Hints about participating restaurants and chefs will be dropped periodically on twitter @Dishcrawlgre

Register by clicking Dishcrawl.

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  1. We’re very excited about the upcoming events! We’ll be at the 5/7 one and this one. We hope to see you there. Also, when we bought tickets, Jesse made it even easier to share your dietary concerns. There’s a little form when you buy tickets where you can mention you’d like vegetarian options.