Search Over! Yes, You can buy Moist Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher Cupcakes (and more)
selection of minis from Izzy B's Bakery. They ship, too!

Search Over! Yes, You can buy Moist Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher Cupcakes (and more)

By Katy Morris

Photos: Liz Rueven

Riddle me this: what certified kosher* baked treats are gluten-free and sans refined sugars, nuts, wheat, trans-fat, dairy, soy, casein, eggs, cholesterol, artificial flavors, or preservatives; are gratefully devoured by vegans and those with any type of food allergies; and loaded with sweet, homemade, mouthwatering goodness for everyone to enjoy – take a breath – across the country?

Answer: Izzi B’s!

Pam at Westport, CT farmers' market
Pam at Westport, CT farmers’ market

After eyeing her treats at the Westport Farmers’ Market and getting some expert tips on summer baking last year, we headed over to Pam Nicholas’ inconspicuous Norwalk, CT bakery for a chat and some nibbles to see what all the hype was about.

Here’s the sweet scoop:

lemon basil muffins
lemon basil muffins

Izzi B’s offers allergen-free baked goods, all made with organic or all-natural ingredients. Her products are made in small batches by hand and are enjoyed by anyone and everyone, regardless of dietary restriction or preference.

The kicker: they taste really, really good.

And great news for our readers all across the USA: Izzi B’s ships! Scroll to end of this post for deets on a special 15% discount just for Kosher Like Me readers and their friends.

strawberry shortcakes
strawberry shortcakes

Despite her ever-growing menu, the whimsically decorated, perfectly moist cupcakes (that now come in unique flavors like Cinnamon French Toast w/ Maple Frosting & a Vegan “Butter” Cookie and Healthy Hostess) still take the cake.

donut fillings: raspberry cream, chocolate ganache, decaf chocolate mousse
donut fillings: raspberry cream, chocolate ganache, decaf chocolate mousse

She bakes those too – as well as cookies, cake pops, pies, donuts, “decorate your own cookie kits” and seasonal items like hamentashen for Purim. We love that Pam uses summer’s local bounty all year long by stocking up on and freezing produce like strawberries and blueberries. Everything else that goes into her treats is locally sourced when possible.

cinnamon French toast cupcakes
cinnamon French toast cupcakes

Keep in mind she also whips up bake-to-order, custom three-layer cakes with signature designs (think an Eagles-themed football cake for dad or cookie-monster look-alikes in chocolate chip cupcakes for the little ones) and other orders that can only be picked up from the bakery. Check out her Facebook page to see some examples.

Pam proudly discusses ingredients when sharing samples at Westport Farmers' Market
Pam proudly discusses ingredients when sharing samples at Westport Farmers’ Market

Pam’s story began as a graphic designer in NYC who (ironically) lived off pre-made pizza and bagels. Soon she got a side job as a waitress, played around with cooking, ate up The Lore of the Kitchen, and realized her fascination (and talent) with exploring food science.

She then worked hard to put herself through the French Culinary Institute and wound up alongside renowned chefs in high-end kitchens throughout Manhattan, including the UN’s Delegates Dining Room and the Museum of Natural History.

 CT berries from Rose's Berry Farm
CT berries from Rose’s Berry Farm

Fast-forward several years, when Pam’s daughter, Izzi, was diagnosed with an egg allergy just shy of her first birthday. Despite not having extensive baking experience, Pam stepped up to the mixing bowl as she’s a firm believer that everyone deserves a cupcake, especially at times of celebration. What started with selling a few simple cupcakes at local farmers’ markets soon erupted into a nationwide frenzy and ever-evolving recipes for brownies, breads and more!

Sweat inducing fact: It took Pam nine months to perfect her first cupcake recipe.

Props for Mitzvot: Pam loves to give back to her community. She regularly donates to private school functions and many other like-minded charitable events and organizations.

So what’s next for Izzi B’s? They are first and foremost looking to snag their GMO project certification this year, and of course to continue to spread the baked love across the nation.


Ready to order?

selection of donuts


Izzi B’s is offering a 15% discount to Kosher Like Me readers from 6/29/16 -7/15/16.

To receive your 15% discount enter KLMdiscount into the discount code box when ordering here.

This discount may be applied to all orders over $40. including purchases that require shipping, and those treats purchased over the phone, on-line, at farmers’ markets, pick-ups or delivery (Note: all delivery & shipping fees are excluded from this discount applied and must be paid in full). This discount may not be applied to purchases made in retail stores.

Where can you buy?

Order directly from the bakery on line, by phone or locate stores that sell products here.

All products are sold frozen in tri-state area stores, including lots of Whole Foods Markets, and can be shipped nationwide either overnight or in 2 days. Click here for more shipping details.

Pick up Izzi B’s frozen products at tri-state area stores, like Whole Food’s, Caraluzzi’s, and Mrs. Greens.

*International Kosher Council (IKC)





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