Salad Topped Pizza in Honor of Mom

Salad Topped Pizza in Honor of Mom

Every Mom loves salad. And kids of all ages love pizza.

I’m thinking it’s the perfect union for a simple Mother’s Day meal. Kids and Dads can have a farm to table adventure preparing this one.

Mom will admire their efforts and taste the difference.

For inspiration for a Mom’s Day idea,  I headed to Sport Hill Farm in Easton, CT to see what farm gal Patti Popp had in the way of early spring greens.

My favorite  (and so generous) recipe writer and friend, Melissa Roberts, suggested a salad/pizza combo when she tasted the tender, faintly peppery arugula and mild chives.


She created a salad topper for a super easy and clever pizza creation just for Kosher Like Me!

Patti’s family farm, located a couple of miles north of the Merritt Parkway at exit 46, boasts a well stocked farm stand open daily, 9-6.

While most of the harvest comes from the neatly ordered rows visible from the barn, Patti also stocks seasonal heirloom apples and pears from a nearby orchard (you’ll have to wait ’til Autumn), and a handful of artisanal product from talented local producers.

Her “girls” (read, hens) provide  just laid eggs, if you are lucky.

At least 30 varieties of veggies are grown at this certified organic farm, including a vast range of greens (think arugula, red leaf lettuce, kale, swiss chard) and other tasty staples like leeks, onions, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes and corn.

Get in touch with the growing season in your community, go meet your local farmer and plan your meals around what is growing this week.

 Mom will be so impressed.

In addition, Sport Hill Farm is the site for campers participating in Unquowa Summer Farm Camp, offers a 21 week CSA (June-October), and has two great private event spaces available to rent.

No stilettos allowed!

About Melissa Roberts:

A recent Westport transplant from New York City, Melissa was a food editor at Gourmet developing and testing recipes in the magazine’s test kitchen. She was also a cook and stylist in the Food Network’s kitchen. Melissa now freelances as a recipe tester and writer for various magazines and websites including Bon Appetit, Health, Real Simple,, and ctbites.


  1. Can’t wait to try this recipe! Hard to find good pizza in Chicago, it took over 25 years to get used to deep-dish! This arugula-topped pizza is what we’ll be having on Sunday.

  2. You have inspired me to take a ride up and see the farm for myself! Now if I can inspire my family to cook for me, it would be a home run Mother’s Day for sure.
    What a dynamo team you and Melissa make! Thanks to both of you!

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