Roasted Butternut-Sage Waffles

Roasted Butternut-Sage Waffles

contributed by Melissa Roberts

Squash and sage are quintessential flavors of fall, particularly a northeastern autumn. Here they are featured in a waffle that, drenched with maple syrup, fits in easily on the breakfast table.

Yet these waffles also have a savory side with the addition of roasted butternut and earthy sage, a unique side dish to grace the dinner table. Replace the browned butter with a non-dairy substitute (margarine or Earth’s Balance, but melt it, don’t brown) and enjoy alongside roasted or fried chicken.

Butternut Sage Waffles

As long as we’re talking waffles, a little clarification on maple syrup.

Grade “A” syrup, harvested at the beginning of the sugaring season, is lighter and mild, while grade “B” is thicker and richer (think light vs. dark beer). While “B” grade is thought to be ideal for cooking and “A” for drizzling; in our house, “B” does double duty as both ingredient and condiment, preferable because of its deep maple flavor (and smaller price tag).

Trader Joe’s sells an excellent “B” grade syrup.


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