Pulled Brisket Tacos Meet the Challenge
Photo: Liz Rueven

Pulled Brisket Tacos Meet the Challenge

There are lots of reasons to serve brisket on a holiday: It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser, it’s the ultimate do-ahead entree (so much better if you do) and best of all, it’s an almost effortless recipe.

Whatcha think about brisket tacos with quick pickled onions and all the fixin’s? Find the recipe below.

With Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish new year, falling so early this year, it’s sure to be a hot one so I’ll be cooking my brisket in a slow cooker.  I think you should, too.

Kosher Pulled brisket tacos
Photo: Liz Rueven

Not only will you avoid adding any heat to your kitchen but you can season your meat, set the crock pot and forget it for 10-12 hours. Easy! 

Now you can pay attention to setting your table and making that chilled gazpacho or corn soup that will take advantage of the late summer bounty. Early apples are begging to be picked, so whip up this easy apple cake that Hadassah Magazine asked me for.

There’s no reason that your menu has to be the same one you’d serve if the holiday fell during a cooler part of September. Instead, you may consider setting up outside and keeping it a little more casual.

kosher pulled brisket tacos
Photo: Liz Rueven

That doesn’t mean you should pass on all of the traditional favorites your family expects. But with Rosh HaShanah arriving SO early this year, it”s an opportunity for you to think about the connection between late summer crops, outdoor entertaining and Jewish celebration.

Grow and Behold

I developed this recipe for Pulled Brisket Tacos in collaboration with Grow and Behold, my go-to source for highest quality, kosher, pasture raised beef. I used the first cut brisket for this recipe in response to their First Cut Brisket Challenge. Their first cut brisket is beautifully lean but still tender. Grow and Behold meats are always free of hormones and antibiotics. Hooray!

Anna and Naf Hanau, Grow and Behold kosher meats

Read more about their standards on my blog post from 2012, just two years after they founded the company, here.

 If tacos aren’t your thing, feel free to carve the meat, once cooled, and serve alongside your holiday favorites.


    • Hi Debby, if you click on the words “ pickled onions” in this blog post it will lead you to a post about Molly Yeh’s falafel. In her recipe, she has directions for super simple, quick pickled red onions. Please lmk if you need more help by emailing me: Liz at Kosherlikeme dot com.

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