Nomoo Cookie Give-Away- One for You & One for a Lucky Friend

Nomoo Cookie Give-Away- One for You & One for a Lucky Friend

Contributed by Katy Morris

Freshly baked and dairy-free (parve) cookies, delivered directly to your doorstep? Yes, indeed!

Be sure to scroll down for the Nomoo Cookie Give-away. What a great gift for all you cookie monsters!

Nomoo Cookie Company is a new Pennsylvania based, certified kosher bakery that offers eight playfully named varieties of cookies. We taste tested them all and couldn’t find any that we didn’t love. No dairy, no preservatives, no need to leave the house. No joke.  medley1 Here are seven reasons why we are crazy about Nomoo Cookie Company.

They are grass roots. Their story is short and sweet: David, a family man with an entrepreneurial spirit, baked for friends. Kosher friends felt deprived. Gretchen understood cause her daughter had a milk allergy. David and Gretchen joined forces. Friends joined in, making use of one other’s complementary talents…and voila: avant-garde dairy-free, delicious cookies.

They bring joyThe baking bubbe-imposter behind the cookies’ tastiness is Laurie Brandau, who told us she loves to “make them sing,” because like singing (a “joyful thing”) her cookies “bring much joy and love.”  

♥ They speak seasonal. “Inspiration comes from what we see around us as the seasons change. We use as many local ingredients as we can, so that we can support and benefit from the bounty of Bucks County produce, honey and organic and fair-trade coffee roasters,” says Gretchen Dossa, the company’s General Manager.

They also offer limited time flavors, like Unflappable Apple and Just Peachy. Recently, they even created a cookie with apple and honey for Rosh Hashanah and are planning a Hanukkah themed special flavor made with blue sugar, cranberry and orange. ChocolateIngrediant

They are delicious. When Liz taste tested them (tough job, I know) her favorites were Choco-Lift (“deeply chocolatey, soft dough intensified by rich, dark chocolate chips”), Almond-Oy (“one of those treats where loads of great stuff like coconut, almonds and chocolate chunks are all thrown in”) and Ginger Slap (“just spicy enough and pillowy soft”). GingerBeauty

Seems like she was spot on with her enthusiasm for Ginger Slap. The judges at Kosher Fest awarded this cookie BEST New Item in their Baked Category. Mazel Tov!

They offer advice. Want tips for baking dairy-free on your own? Learn from Nomoo: “Our greatest learning experiences that we could pass on to parve bakers would be to find good quality ingredients – don’t skimp on the quality of chocolate, fruit and nuts.  Go for a great, consistent flour like King Arthur.  Play around with your butter substitutes, and don’t be afraid to use more than one in a recipe. “We use organic coconut oil, Earthbalance for baking and Hains spectrum organic palm shortening,” Gretchen explained.

They give back. We were pleased to hear that they routinely donate cookies to local Pennsylvania food pantries. They also sponsor organizations like Southern New England Kosher BBQ and Hazon and hope to reach out to Jewish senior centers and more synagogues soon. Chanukah wrapping Nomoo

They GIVEAWAY! Well, just for Kosher Like Me readers. They were kind enough to offer two Hanukkah themed gift-wrapped boxes of their cookies to one lucky winner. That’s one for you and one for you to share

For a chance to win, leave a comment at the end of this post. Tell us what other desserts you are serving up for Hanukkah this year. We want specific, folks. If you serve sufganiyot (Doughnuts) we want to know what the filling is!

Be sure to comment before December 14th at midnight.  We will announce the winner on our Facebook page (Be sure we are friends there) on December 15th . The cookies should arrive on your doorstop just a couple of days later! SugarBeauty

While the easiest way to get a hold of their cookies is to order directly online, you can find them in local Bucks County retail stores, kosher delis and health food stores, as well as colleges (Lafayette just placed their order) and universities that offer kosher dining.

Already hooked? Join the club! Literally. Through Club Nomoo, you can sign up to have a dozen of their cookies delivered regularly on a 3 ($65), 6 ($125) or 12-month ($250) schedule. Often times they will slip in some delicious limited edition flavors for club members!

Nomoo Cookies are certified kosher, dairy-free and made in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; Cookies come in packs of twelve for $19.95 and they ship nationwide.

All photos courtesy of Nomoo Cookies. Sesame


  1. we usually make sufganiyot rolled in cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar (no fill). this year I want to make dessert sweet potato latkes (sweetened mixture) topped with brie and sautéed apples or homemade applesauce or maybe a few toasty marshmallows

  2. I think these are the best packaged cookies I ever ate. Got some for myself and have given boxes away as gifts. All rave reviews. I love the chocolate, Hawaiian and gingerslaps especially. Other Hanukkah desserts: Cheese strudel, to honor Yehudit, heroine, who cut off Holoferne’s head!

  3. Just reading about these cookies brings joy and smile.
    I usually make different latkes , potatoes , sweet potatoes, Zuccini , as for desert it’s sugar cookies in different shapes with blue and white frosting.

  4. Since becoming Plant Based/ Vegan ( 1 year ago ) I haven’t really baked anymore…… I’m barely finding my way around the kitchen again after adopting our new Lifestyle.

  5. (I always make my latkes ! ) And of course sufganoit ! Make them like munshkins ,But good ill try jelly this year.
    Any good recipes for them ? Always want to ttry something new

  6. So, I don’t cook desserts….I just eat them 🙂

    My mom makes an amazing chocolate cake, which she spices up with ideas from “The Cake Doctor,” an amazing cookbook full of tricks!

  7. My cookies just arrived and they are AMAZING! I only ordered one type to try it and now I am going to order more. I ordered the choco-lift. I think I will try the oat-rageous and the open sesame next.

  8. I’m making a fluffernutter which is a fried sandwich which contains banana, marshmallow spread and peanut butter between 2 pieces of white bread….and maybe I’ll also make some nutella filled mini-donuts

  9. I’m serving up sufganiyot with a toppings/fillings bar! Raspberry jelly, chocolate and vanilla frostings in squeeze containers with options such as powdered sugar, coconut, white chocolate chips, non-perils…you name it…to sprinkle on top! My favorite combo? Jelly filled, topped with chocolate frosting, coconut and powdered sugar 😉

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