Mother’s Day Pizza Party with Spring Asparagus
Photo: Liz Rueven

Mother’s Day Pizza Party with Spring Asparagus

This Mother’s Day we’re thinking about how much fun a pizza making party for Mom would be. Surprise her with something beyond basic by including early spring asparagus with lemon zest and fresh oregano for a more sophisticated spin on what she’ll expect. She’ll be soooo impressed with your sourcing a seasonal and local green as the star of this show.

Making homemade pizza is a fun family activity for kids of all ages. It can be very free-form with loosely shaped ovals stretched on an oiled sheet pan and plenty of colorful veggies scattered over the surface.

Mother's Day Asparagus pizza
Photo: Liz Rueven

We’ve opted to use store bought dough here to keep this party more focused on the kid-friendly activity with less worry about achieving the perfect crust.

If you’ve got kids that love making dough from scratch, click here for a great four ingredient recipe from The Kitchn Cookbook. Plan ahead as this dough needs at least 1.5 hours of rise time before it’s ready to be handled.

For another pizza focused on early spring greens, try this salad topped pizza with arugula tossed in lemon honey vinaigrette and dotted with goat cheese.

I demo’ed both of these pies on WTNH early morning weekend show on Sunday! Check it out here.


Want to go dough-free altogether? We love this portobello mushroom pizza that highlights large scooped out ‘shrooms as a cup for mashed cannelini beans, fresh tomatoes and fontina. If you don’t like gluten-free doughs this is a great option for those leaning in that direction.

All of this said, there is NOTHING wrong with the most basic pizza of all. Most of the time, young kids want just that! For the most basic recipe of all, simply follow our instructions for pre-baking the dough, below. Spread favorite tomato sauce over the dough and sprinkle with plenty o’ mozzarella. See if you can sneak in a little green. Or not. It’s all about the family fun time.

kosher asparagus pizza
Pre-baking crust prevents soggy dough. Hooray! Photo: Liz Rueven

Other toppings we love:

Mozzarella, red onion, kalamata olives, fresh rosemary

Sweet potato or winter squash, chili powder, red onion and sage

Simply fresh tomatoes and pesto

Roasted thinly sliced potatoes with pesto

Portobello mushrooms, cannellini beans, garlic, fontina cheese, Roma tomatoes, rosemary

Salad pizza: arugula, goat cheese, chives, honey lemon dressing  



    • Thanks! Have you started growing asparagus yet? If not, check out the link to salad pizza with arugula and goat cheese (above). Early spring greens are up!

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