Mom’s Day Give-Away (Trust Me)

Mom’s Day Give-Away (Trust Me)

Trust me, I won’t tell if you win this give-away and decide to slip it onto your own bookshelf. In fact, I wouldn’t blame you a bit. But, IF you are feeling generous and gearing up to honor your Mom or another special woman,  The New Jewish Table by Todd Gray and Ellen Kassoff Gray, will make a great gift.

This husband and wife team, chef/owners of Washington, D.C.‘s famed Equinox Restaurant, blends seasonal inspiration and memories with easy to follow and thoroughly modern recipes.

Whether you lean towards fried green tomatoes or fig and port wine blintzes, this volume tells the fascinating story of blended traditions and contemporary Jewish cuisine.

Review and recipes coming up soon, PROMISE.

Contest closes on MAY 6, midnight. 

Here’s how to enter:

Simply leave a comment at the end of this post.

Tell me how you celebrate Mother’s Day. Cooking in? Eating out? What’s your favorite dish on the menu?

For a second chance to enter, leave a comment on, or LIKE  my Kosher Like Me facebook page by clicking here. Be sure to leave a comment at the end of this post to let me know that you were on my FB page.

Good Luck and Happy Mother’s Day to all the high spirited cooks and  loving Moms out there. 




  1. Fabulous gift idea. Thank you for solving ny dilemma. I’m ordering the book now. Spending the big day in my sister’s small nyc apt with much family (since she can’t) travel easily. Looks like we will be ordering in!

  2. We usually celebrate by joining my stepdaughters family for brunch, stoping at a nursery on the way home and buying amazing flowers and vegetables to plant, followed by a barbecue at my home for my mom . Of course that is allpreceded by an overly sweet breakfast in bed served by my daughters. This is the first year neither of my girls will be around, so Mother’s Day will be bittersweet for me.

  3. I am spending mothers day with my 4 sisters and my 103 year old grandmother. We are bringing breakfast to Grandma’s house. Later on we are going with all of our kids and husbands, to Great Adventure Amusement Park for the afternoon into evening. Something for everyone.

  4. Love new Kosher cookbooks that infuse seasonal ingredients! Mother’s Day is a favorite holiday here as a native Washingtonian living in CT – my cherry blossom trees always bloom on/around Mother’s Day – so I photograph them and take a picture with my family in front of the gorgeous pink blossoms. Then we typically go out to try a new restaurant.

  5. My local chapter of Emunah (worthy charity benefiting Israel’s children) on the Lower East Side has been delivering Mothers’ Day Breakfasts for over 20 years. Bagels, lox, cream cheese, coffee, danish packed in a reusable cooler or tote bag enough for 4 is delivered by mothers for mothers. The profits go to the charity. This starts my day the right way (albeit too early in the morning!)

  6. That’s a great gift idea! I can’t tell you how many times my mom and grandma have requested cookbooks for Mother’s Day. Plus it’s the kind of gift that gives back- I usually get to devour all the new yummy recipes they try 😀

    For Mother’s Day my mother, grandma, and I go out for a day of shopping and fun. I love representing three generations of strong women in our family. After that we usually come home to a delicious homemade orange dreamsicle cake that my dad has baked (and perfected). Definitely one of my favorite days.

  7. Ah, Mother’s Day. A truly cozy, yummy, and warm day to spend time with family. Whether my family travels to Long Island to spend time with cousins or whether the Long Island cousins come visit us, it is a day of relaxation for all. Weather permitting, we all like to go on a nice stroll outside.

    I would say on average the most likely items on the menu for this celebration consist of a proper brunch – Bagels, Lox, Whitefish, and all of the accessories to make it a perfect meal. For dessert, homemade waffles with fruit toppings and, of course, whip cream.

    I also just ‘liked’ your Kosher Like Me Facebook page! Woohoo!

  8. Hi, this book looks absolutely beautiful! The photos are enticing. I “liked” the authors on Facebook.

    On Mother’s Day we do a family activity – this year we are going to an afternoon Mets game! I’m really excited!

    • My dad is a pro at making layer cakes (go figure) and I recall seeing a white cake mix, orange jello, and orange juice concentrate for the cake, and cool whip, cream cheese, and sugar for the topping.

      We keep the topping in the fridge (not on the cake) since it taste best chilled on top. It’s light, delicious, and a perfect summer dessert.

  9. Mother’s Day for me is more of a remembrance than a celebration. Thru the last years, I start that off by visiting my late Mother’s grave. I reflect on the great memories we all had as a family. I celebrate by preparing my favourite dishes my Mother served us. How can I not love the delicious brisket and roast chicken she prepared.

    FYI, I “Liked” your Facebook page.
    I would love winning this cookbook. It looks GREAT!!!

  10. Usually my sisters and I convene along with my mother at my sisters farm in red hook ny. Most years it is the opening day of the Rhinebeck farmers market and we go and start with an amazing falafal for brunch and then we buy things that we want to try and usually decide what we are going to make for dinner. Much of it comes from her farm the rest we fill in cooking our dinner together later in the day. My reality this mothers day 2013 will be driving out to Huntingdon Pa to pick up my daughter from school. In terms of food Huntingdon and the surrounding area have not caught up to the fresh, local, and definitely not healthy movement. I work with my mother so we speak daily and I see her a few times a week, so I consider myself a very lucky woman. I agree everyday is mothers day!

  11. Mothers day this year will be celebrated through Skype or viber. My local daughter will come home but with one in college in Pennsylvania and the other in London we usually resort to group family viber messages or face times or Skype. Next best thing to being together!

    Happy Mothers Day.

  12. Yes it is small but very good. All Hudson valley prepared foods fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses and wine plus great falafal and music. It’s a fun day trip and rhinebeck has many good restaurants. Being so close to the CIA graduates end up opening in town!

  13. I always hope for breakfast in bed – but that never happens. Generally my hubby and my boys will cook or order supper in and let me just have a day to do what I want.

    Honestly, tho, every day that I get to spend with my kids is Mother’s Day. I am so honoured and privileged to be their Ima.

  14. I’m very excited to have both kids home for Mother’s Day!
    We’re planning to celebrate all weekend long, going out for dinner on Friday and Saturday night , cooking at home on
    Mother’s day! (and maybe playing a little golf)

  15. I like to go out on Mother’s Day, as I cook all year long. Keeping Kosher makes it difficutl, especially where we live, upstate NY, approximately 2hrs outside NYC. However, we ususally pick a fish resturant and it works. I’m so happy that I found your cite and am able to review new recepies. Thank you for doing this for all us Kosher people out there.

  16. Liz,

    This book looks good. Cant wait to try some new recepies once my kitchen is done.
    So, for mother’s day weather permitted I’d love a picnic with my kids and grandkids. Most probably central park
    and for food, Israeli salad with humus.

  17. Have enjoyed Equinox in DC on a couple of occasions, so very happy to see their cookbook! For Mother’s Day, we typically hang out at home on the porch and expect that’s what we’ll be doing this time too….

  18. Back in the USSR we did not have Mother’s Day. We had the International Women’s Day 🙂 Celebrated with a lot of guests and a big meal. So now, Mother’s Day is so much intimate. I just take my Mom for a nice meal in a quite place where we can reminisce about the past.
    PS Went to your FB page, really liked it!

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