Make your own Ice Cream & Leave the Drips at CoolMess

Make your own Ice Cream & Leave the Drips at CoolMess

Ice Cream in August? We feel it. If you’re looking for a cool experience in NYC, that will appeal to ice cream lovers of all ages, you’re in luck. And as much as we love ice cream in the summer, this is not a one season recommendation.

CoolMess, a recently opened DIY ice cream salon on the Upper East Side, has brought the ice cream parlor concept back. This time it’s reinvented and better than before. CoolMess is all about making choices, anticipation and hand-on fun.

The best part? Leave that mess behind.


Make your own ice cream here, right in your own ice cream maker, with your favorite kiddos or friends. Go for 1-1 quality time, group activity, date night or make it a party by reserving the space for your own crew.

 Start by choosing a base flavor. Blue Marble, organic, made in Brooklyn ice cream, is where the fun begins. Simply chose chocolate or vanilla.


Then, pick your add-in’s from over 20 high quality toppings. Forget the junky stuff.

Think artisanal topping ingredients like Fat Witch Bakery brownie bites, Fatty Sundays chocolate covered pretzels, DO cookie dough, Hampton Popcorn or Albanese chocolate covered nuts.


Add in gooeyness like thick fudge or caramel, if you must (I did. Research, you know). Add it all to your personal ice cream maker, wait 10 minutes while watching it thicken and come together into your own custom blended ice cream flavor.

Not up for making decisions today? You can order a sundae or milkshake from the menu or chose one of the pre-selected combos if you’re making your own.

Allow your attentive ice cream consultant to pack it all with a smile or serve it to you pronto if you can’t wait to get home. Or both.


CoolMess owners, Marguerite Loucas and Margot Cyprus, offer private parties to kids of all ages. You can rent the space for sweet 16’s, birthday parties, bachelorettes or adults’ night out. All parties include invitations, your dedicated ice cream consultants, party area, candy, refreshments and other add-on’s.

Want to dance with cocktail in hand while your ice cream is churning? They’ll provide a DJ and bar set-up to enhance your evening.

 Sounds like the perfect party to me.



137 East 62nd St. (second floor)



CoolMess is a kosher friendly concept and space (not certified kosher).

All photos courtesy of CoolMess, NYC.



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