Local Carrots and How to Elicit Nature’s Sweetness

Local Carrots and How to Elicit Nature’s Sweetness

Maybe it was my recent visit to the famous NYC vegetarian restaurant, Dirt Candy, that influenced my decision to NOT doll these baby carrots up too much. They had been pulled from the winter ground the day before by organic farmer, Patti Popp, Sport Hill Farm, CT,  and I like showing their roots and straggly tails.


Late season carrots need a little help in order to bring out their sweetness. I tossed them with organic maple syrup and my favorite local honey from Red Bee Apiary,  located right up the road from where I live. Once I sweetened them, I wanted them a little spicy, too.

I love the bright color on grey winter days. Anyone else dreaming of spring flowers  yet?


  1. Happy Tu B’Shevat! Love the fig salad idea! The Roasted carrots look awesome. I love roasted butternut squash, I’m sure roasting the carrots produces the same rich kind of flavor. Looking forward to tasting!

    • Basically, roasting brings out the sweetness in all of these lovelies: carrots, beets, squash… the list goes on and on. It’s such a simple way to bring out the best in these veggies. AND, YES! This salad is well worth the effort. I couldn’t stop munching on it but it must be eaten immediately or it gets soggy and loses its greatness.

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