Kosher Kitchensurfing at Home

Kosher Kitchensurfing at Home

Contributed by Katy Morris

Ready to take a break from holiday cooking challenges even before Thanksgiving and eight nights of Chanukah throw those kitchen curve balls at you?  If you’re looking for an effortless alternative, and you already feel relieved as you imagine a professional chef keeping your turkey moist or your latkes crisp, Kitchen Surfing has the answer.

And now there are kosher options.


Kitchensurfing is turning the seemingly incongruous concept of a “professionally-home-cooked meal” into a relaxing reality.

They’ve come up with a true recipe for success that is sure to knock off a large portion of your holiday to-do list: go online; specify your dietary preferences (gluten-free? check it. vegetarian? check it. kosher? check it…you get the point); customize the menu; invite family and friends; watch, relax, eat and enjoy as the meal is cooked, served and cleaned up in synchronized precision.


Launched in New York in the spring of 2013, the start-up has since spread like wildfire across the country – and the hype isn’t slowing down. Just this summer, they started offering unique kosher dining options and now have 18 Kosher chefs in the NYC/CT area, four in LA, and are looking to expand into Boston and Chicago next.


Kitchensurfing invites diners to explore the world through food, and with our kosher division we’re able to cater to the kosher community with our team of highly trained chefs. Through Kitchensurfing Kosher, users can customize their experience for any occasion – whether it’s a Shabbat meal, Thanksgiving or Passover Seder,” says Yuda Schlass, the kosher lead for Kitchensurfing.

And what about the chefs?

All Kitchensurfing chefs (Kosher and otherwise) go through an intensive vetting process where we evaluate the quality of their food, their ability to deliver a seamless customer experience, and their passion to share their culinary creations.”


While their comprehensive FAQ section will answer almost all your questions, here are some highlights about what you should know:


Book in Advance. Two weeks should be enough lead time (and they will try their hardest to book something within as short as 72 hours), but try to book roughly four weeks in advance for holidays.

Cost Varies. This really depends on the size of your party and type of food, but the final price that you pay ahead of time includes the chef’s time and labor, food, tip, and in some cases, cost of travel and servers. All charges will be discussed before you pay. Note that their events are all BYOB so stock up on the booze ahead of time if you plan on drinking.

Options are Plentiful. One of the best parts of this service is that they are totally amenable to specific requests. While they have some fantastic set themes and menus available for booking, like Israeli Brunch, Plated Shabbat Dinner and a Kosher Asian: Cocktails & Cuisine, they also offer a completely customized dining experience where you can choose the serving style, cuisine, dietary restrictions and price all online.  Some chefs even offer hands-on cooking classes!

They Come Equipped. Chefs will bring everything they need to whip up the dishes.  


If you are sold and want to try them out this Thanksgiving or Chanukah, or anything in-between or beyond,  simply check out the kosher section of their website and let them know. They will happily present you with a group of kosher chefs who make your holiday a delicious, unique and stress-free occasion.

All photos courtesy of Kitchensurfing.



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