Kosher by Design Brings it Home with TWO Give-Aways

Kosher by Design Brings it Home with TWO Give-Aways

My cookbook collection has grown so out-of-control that sloppy stacks are now towering on the floor in front of my groaning bookshelves.  Still, I can’t, no, I won’t, resist a new release from a trusted authority whose voice is so familiar that I think of her as a friend.

That’s why I jumped when I was offered a chance to participate in a virtual book launch and give-away offer along with some of my favorite food bloggers. Together, we are previewing Susie Fishbein‘s latest and final cookbook in her Kosher by Design series.

And lucky for all of us, we are running TWO amazing give-away contests!

Kosher by Design Brings it Home, picture perfect food inspired by my travels is hot off the press and a grand conclusion to Fishbein’s adored series that now includes nine cookbooks written over the last 15 years. This volume reflects the past six years of her travels throughout North America, Mexico, France, Italy and Israel.

It is a celebration and reflection on the culinary mash-ups of cuisines that rejoice in re-invention and fusion in regions throughout America and Israel. In contrast, chefs and cooks in European kitchens often celebrate their heritage by preparing recipes just as their families did in previous generations.

It’s that contrast in spirit, as explored in these recipes, that makes this book so charming and compelling.

We’re giving away one signed copy of Susie Fishbein‘s beautiful volume, Kosher by Design Brings it Home.

 Simply leave a comment, below, to let us know if you prefer treasured and time tested recipes or seek new twists on familiar themes? We love examples so please share! The winner of this contest will be announced on facebook here. Not friends on facebook yet? Be sure to LIKE our facebook page here. Deadline is Sunday, February 28, 6 PM.

Gain a second chance to win an even bigger prize. By clicking this link: and following the instructions, you can enter to win any of these three prizes shown below. Deadline is Monday, February 29, 2016 and winner will be announced on the rafflecopter link you use to enter.

Good luck to all!

And don’t forget to check back later this week to find one of Fishbein’s Israeli inspired recipes here. Hint: you’ll probably want to serve tehina with this one.

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All photos and recipe used with permission and reprinted from Kosher by Design Brings it Home, picture-perfect food inspired by my travels by Susie Fishbein, ArtScroll Shaar Press, February 25, 2016. Photography by John Uher.



  1. I am interested in new twists on familiar themes, but sometimes you need treasured and time tested recipes as well! Both have their time and place. Sometimes you just need ideas, whether old or new.

  2. Life would be so dull if wedding have new twists on what we already cook and eat. Like mash-ups of ingredients or textures. Maybe a whole wheat pizza with roasted fennel, arugula, smoked Gouda, and grilled tuna (…just a spontaneous thought tonight).

  3. It’s had to choose as I like both kinds of recipes. I guess I prefer the treasured and old family recipes. They bring back good memories of grandmas for the whole family. I get requests to to make certain dishes at family gatherings. I tweak them a little for “modern” tastes and diet but no one can tell the difference!

  4. I love new twists on familiar themes. For example, chili over spaghetti or a veggie burger with beet ketchup and cheese made from nuts. I love all the different ways you can make pesto. And I especially like dishes with specialty ingredients ie blood oranges instead of regular oranges (although, I love them too!)

  5. I love traditional recipes that are updated with a twist,also learning ways to use more vegetables creatively, Interesting dishes using blood oranges and beets, for example. Cannot wait to impress my family with new culinary skills.

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