Gelato After Labor Day: Guilt Free & No Compromises

Gelato After Labor Day: Guilt Free & No Compromises

Contributed by Katy Morris

Labor Day weekend may be upon us but we have zero intention of packing away our white jeans or slowing down on our ice cream consumption.

We recently got hooked on Forte gelato– a nutritious, innovative and kosher frozen treat that will have your taste buds singing. And,  it’s uber cool that the founder is from my hometown in CT. How much do we love Forte gelato? Here are some of the ways.

Not only is Forte offering all-natural vanilla, chocolate, espresso and ginger flavored gelato teeming with healthy benefits… the stuff tastes deliciously decadent, too. Forte gelato,  has a whopping 15 g. of protein (that’s equivalent to two eggs, folks!) and only 2.5 g. of fat in a single serving,  is very low in sodium and cholesterol, completely vegetarian, gluten free and certified kosher.

You really get to have your creamy delight and eat it too!


The story behind the company is just as noteworthy as its decadent taste and is epitomized in the motivating quote found on every cup, “Through challenge comes inspiration.”

When Westport resident Adrian Pace was faced with life-threatening heart problems that left him hospitalized for months, he grasped the importance of healthy eating for a healthy life. When he recovered, he bounced back on a mission.

He was encouraged to eat various unappetizing foods to supplement his diet and support his strength during recovery. As a result, he vowed to ensure there would be nutritionally powerful and equally delicious options out there for anyone with health problems, in addition to active athletes, growing kids, vegetarians – really everyone.


Adrian upheld his commitment and now is proud to be pioneering this protein-packed, flavorful gelato, which is made with the highest quality ingredients out there (we are talking cage-free egg yolks, rBST-free skim milk and cream, organic agave nectar and more).


Liz grabbed some of this great stuff at Saugatuck Sweets to share at a recent gathering on her porch. Here’s what her gang thought:

All of the flavors have a creamy, rich texture that impressively mimics real ice cream. The ginger flavor struck the ideal balance of sweet and spicy and is particularly refreshing, while the vanilla is simply sweet and classic. The chocolate is rich and malty. The invigorating, velvety espresso, brewed with pure Arabica espresso beans, was Liz’s favorite.


Want to taste for yourself? Simply click here and Forte will ship your frozen treats in a cooler packed with dry ice anywhere in the continental U.S.!

If you’re in CT, check out their store locator for a store near you.

Forte gelato is gluten-free and certified Kosher-dairy. All photos are courtesy of Forte gelato.

Buon apetito!



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