Farm Fresh Ice Cream Tops It Off

Farm Fresh Ice Cream Tops It Off

Think authentic. Think pure. Think old-fashioned. Now wrap those thoughts under a crumbly blanket dotting freshly picked, juicilicious blueberries. Top it all with a generous scoop of velvety vanilla ice cream from Ronnybrook Farm and Dairy.

Are you seeing red, white and blue, too? Ah, what could be more American than blueberry crisp a la mode? Here’s how we’re celebrating this 4th of July!


There is certainly no shortage of ice cream to choose from these days, so we’ve picked one that we think you’ll enjoy for more reasons than one. Ronnybrook Farm & Dairy is a certified kosher, “beyond organic,” family-owned-and-run dairy farm located in nearby Ancramdale, NY.


They make some of the best, wholesome ice cream around (not to mention butter, yogurt, and, of course, milk served in those classic glass bottles). And it’s all gluten-free.


Ronnybrook is a fourth generation, family-run dairy farm that has been recognized for using consistently “beyond organic” practices – which directly relates to their humane treatment of their animals. To this day, they offer products that signify a certain genuineness and freshness that is often hard to find, especially when it comes to dairy.


“We are most unique in the way that we treat our cows. They are considered to be part of our family, and hence, they are treated with dignity and respect. The contentment they exude, we feel, shows up in the quality of our products,” says Kate Osofsky, one of the many family members of the family who manages the farm.


OK, so they have Kosher Like Me written all over them (kosher, organic, health-conscious locavore advocates). So what about the frozen treats?


When it comes to ice cream (which is made with the finest hand selected seasonal ingredients), they offer a mixture of seasonal as well as traditional flavors, including Lola’s Mint Lace, Ginger Crème Brulee, Toasted Hazelnut Crunch, and that good old fashioned must have, Vanilla. The family collectively decides which flavors might be unique, but do so with the general concept in mind to highlight the true, pure dairy flavor.


Luckily, their products are available in many stores and farmer’s markets around the NYC area and Fairfield County, including the Union Square Market, various Whole Foods stores, and Mrs. Green’s. See their store locator to find the closest place to you.


Craving some ice cream but need it to be dairy-free? Check out our recent Summer Pies or NadaMoo! posts for some help.

Thank you to our reliable chef and friend, Ronnie Fein, “a cookbook author, journalist, recipe creator, one-time talk show host and a bunch of other food-related callings,” for the Blueberry Crisp recipe above.

We’re keeping it simple and red white and blue this 4th. Tell us how you are celebrating!

All photos, other than the Blueberry Crisp, courtesy of Ronnybrook Farm and Dairy.




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