Early Autumn Corn Salad with Jicama

Early Autumn Corn Salad with Jicama

It’s that time of year when effortless cooking reigns supreme.

Between back to school meetings and trying to adjust to the busier rhythms of Autumn, simple is what we need now. Just be sure to jump on this easy Corn Salad before those pyramids of golden ears disappear from your local market.

Consider throwing this salad together as the perfect non-dairy side for just about any dish. Or toss some diced cheese into the bowl for an easy lunch break. It would pair beautifully with last week’s tomato soup for a perfectly paired vegetarian dinner, too.

Thank you Alison Richman and Tonya Monti, Rabbit’s Garden in Aspen, for this perfect seasonal inspiration. Want to know more about having Rabbit’s Garden cook for you while you’re in Aspen? Check out what I wrote about them here.


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