Cookbook Give-Away & Challah Baking

Cookbook Give-Away & Challah Baking

Looking to elevate your challah baking to a new level? We’re running a give-away that will help with that

Spiritual Kneading Through the Jewish Months; Building the Sacred through Challah, by Dahlia Abraham- Klein, is more than a cookbook chock full of seasonal bread baking recipes. It is a treasure of a  manual that connects meditation with organic ingredients and the physical acts of mixing, kneading, braiding and baking. The results are a more creative and meaningful process and a more fragrant and delicious challah.

Scroll down to read more about why we love this book and to find a recipe for Pull Apart Challah with Silan and Olive Oil. Recipe can also be found here.

Enter to win this book by leaving a comment below.

Tell us if you bake your own or buy challah.

If you bake it yourself, what is your favorite part of the process? Favorite ingredient?

If you buy it, where have you found the best challah?

This contest runs from April 15- midnight on April 20.  Winner will be announced on Kosher Like Me’s facebook page here.  If we aren’t friends yet, simply request it on my page and I’ll be glad to connect with you.

Winner will win one copy of Spiritual Kneading Through the Jewish Months; Building the Sacred through Challah. Copy will be mailed to winner once contact has been made through facebook or winner’s email address.

Good luck and happy baking!





  1. I love to bake my own challah, though many weeks we get store bought. My favorite challah recipe is from a wonderful Challah Baking event hosted by various Jewish organizations in my city, just before Rosh Hashanah. This week, I am definitely baking challah — I’m very excited for a shlissel challah!! My favorite part of baking challah is the enticing aroma throughout the house. Fresh challah smells like Shabbos.

  2. I bake my own challah and sometimes buy challah.
    We enjoy Larromme Challah and Zomicks.
    When I bake my own my favorite part is when adding the
    Olive oil myself and each of my children will say something
    Nice about someone in the family with each drizzle of oil.

  3. I love making challah, but mine is always a little too dry. I am much more proficient at lean yeast breads and sourdough. This cookbook looks like a great way to stay connected and present while baking!

  4. There is nothing like homemade challah. I love making butter for my challah on Shabbat. The look on my husband’s face is a beautiful “thank you” for my efforts.

  5. On my best weeks, I bake my own challah. My favorite part of the process is doing it with my daughters. I want this to be a tradition that they continue in their own homes, with their families and this is the best way I know how!

  6. i like to bake my own challah. My favorite part is feeling the connection to other women while I’m doing all the steps of creating the challah. I also like braiding it into different designs. I love honey challah.

  7. I always bake my own challah. A super large one based on my grandmother’s award winning recipe. The best part? Watching my family gobble it down. The very very best part — when my daughter asked me to bake the challah for my grandson’s bar mitzvah last year. Still makes me tear up.

  8. Lately I’ve been making kalamata olive and Rosemary challah. The smell on Friday afternoon fills my kitchen and it’s amazing. It is perfect with all my Moroccan salads on Shabbat. On Saturday morning my daughter likes to eat it with olive oil and feta cheese for breakfast. I love that my kids want me to make enough so that there will be left overs!

  9. I bake and I buy depending on my busy week. When baking, I love the feel of the dough while I’m shaping and braiding it. I also feel like the women who have come before me and enjoy the tradition that has passed down to me.

  10. i bake my own challah. My favorite ingredient is using pareve white choc chips! I love knowing that my family loves my homemade challah and that through this love, my daughter will continue the tradition for her family one day.

  11. Any help with making of Challah is great I can cook just about anything but when it comes to baking, lots of room for improvement. Never the less I love making Challah one of my very favorite thing to add to it is fresh raw dark honey and the time I spend speaking with the Creator, such a sweet time.

  12. I love making challa,I use bread machine to start the process and then bread and let it rise again
    It’s so much better then anything from the store
    I idea great seed mix from the Arthur baking company

  13. I try to bake challah every week. I love to see the dough rise–it’s always amazing to me. Best thing about baking is the look on my family’s face when they take their first bite. I can see that I have really filled up their soul and that makes me feel great.

  14. I buy my challah more often than not only because of the lack of time. My favorite part when baking is the kneading. I live in a small rural town and I only have one local bakery that bakes challah, BLUE RIDGE BAKERY in Brevard, NC.

  15. I bake my own challah, with olives inside and Zaatar on top. Sometimes with sunflower seeds at the bottom.
    My favorite part is to see my husband’s reaction when he gets home, sees and smells the challahs and convinced I am the best wife ever, just for that 😉 worth it!

  16. I love baking my own challah and taking hafrasha! This year I tasted some really good challa and since, I’ve been trying to recreate it. So I’ve already tried about ten new recipes, some amazing ones, but no match yet!!

  17. I’m baking challah today to hasten a speedy recovery for my son’s friend who has had a recurrence of his serious illness. Baking challah is such an important part of a spiritual and fulfilled Jewish life.

  18. I bake my own Challah using a very basic, easy recipe. I sometimes fill it with dates and cinnamon sugar. My husband loves to make peanut butter sandwiches with what is left.

  19. i make my own challah this week. I make the dough early in the morning and wait for my 7-year old granddaughter to come to my house after school to shape it. We talk about what shape will it be ( braid, pull apart, coil, something related to a holiday or parsha, etc). And then we shape it and let it rise, putting it in the oven so that it will come out about a half hour before we start dinner. Definitely, the discussion with my granddaughter along with helping her do the shaping is my favorite part.

  20. Best challah is on Ave. J and E13 in Brooklyn – Ostrovitsky Bakery…I do enjoy baking challah as well. I pray for my children to marry, parnasah, health and peace as there is a blessing to say during each process of mixing the dough.

  21. I buy but when I have bake it it has come out REALLY TASTY!!! Even my 2 best friends are amazed at how delicious it was because I’m fairly new to making challot. My favorite place to buy challah is my local Shloimy’s in Lakewood, N.J. They have 1 covered with a sugary crumb topping that is SO good. I also love to dip a sesame challah in olive dip or spicy humus! I unfortunately am single and don’t own a mixer so I don’t get to make much challah myself but I love doing it when I have! My favorite part is the blessings & separating it before burning a portion (when you have made enough to do that) and also the braiding! It is so fun to see the dough shape and bake up into something so beautiful AND delicious- not to mention the spiritual significance! It is quite special as a woman to get to learn & partake in such an old tradition; I look forward to learning more about it!!

  22. I bake my own challah, and my favorite part of the process is the reaction when my husband takes his first bite. Every week, the look on his face with that first bite is as if he’s never tasted challah before. It’s worth the effort! My favorite ingredient? That would be chopped apples with cinnamon! Or maybe chocolate chips. No, definitely cranberries and white chocolate chips. Or. . .

  23. I bake my own challah. My favorite part of the process is learning how to create new shapes and designs. My favorite ingredient is the water..this is what turns the flour into dough (I love using a sourdough starter – which is just flour and water- instead of yeast because of the consistency and smell it gives to the challah.)

  24. I love the creative process of making challa.
    I love designing heart shapes for Sheva Brachot. My favorite ingredient in my challa is Honey. Honey helps make the dough turn an earthy, mahogany brown color after it gets a yolk/water glaze.

  25. I bake my own challah with my sister’s recipe.
    My kids love it when I put in cinnamon and
    Sugar for rosh hashana. I like taking challah and
    Making a Bracha. It’s a special time to just concentrate
    On my family. Also like the braiding and trying different
    Ways to make it look amazing .

  26. I learned to baked challah from my grandma. When I bake it’s a special time where I feel her presence. I am blessed to now make challah with my granddaughter, we started doing this when she was a baby in a highchair, although she is only 3 it’s a tradition we will do together forever.

  27. We bake our own challah. My husband is the key challah baker but I perfected a pumpkin challah recipe that we adore! Now I need to come up with a spring post pesach special recipe.

  28. My son has just developed an interest in baking bread as it is so hard to find unadulterated breads in my area. His Birthday is early next month. It would be a great gift for him!

  29. I bake my own Challah and what I love is that my husband and kids love it! The problem is I don’t find it a spiritual experience and I recently am learning more about Kabbalah and know I could gain so much if I win this book. Thank you!!

    • Miriam, Thanks for the compliment on the blog. Just a head’s up that the give-away deadline was last night. So sorry you missed it. But PLEASE consider buying this book. You’ll find loads of unexpected recipes and plenty of inspiration.

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