Classic Peach Jam

Classic Peach Jam

My favorite summer fruit is peaches, hands down. Sweet, fuzzy, sunny and messy, I would do anything to be able to enjoy these gems year round. That’s why I was so juiced when Sherri Brooks Vinton shared her recipe for Classic Peach Jam. Follow her canning instructions in Put ‘Em Up! Fruit and this preserve will be good for a year. Not ready to embrace canning yet? It will last for three weeks in the refrigerator.


    • Jams gel at 220 degrees F.Sherri Brooks Vinton has 2 pages on reaching the gel stage, pointing out that there are 2 other reliable tests: sheeting and wrinkle test. They are both super easy but you may need to read it in the book or google it. LMK how your jam comes out. For now, I’ll be placing mine in the refrigerator.

  1. Lizzie, Your grandfather,Simcha, made THE MOST delicious peach brandy. Are tastes inherited? He smashed peaches (unfuzzed, but washed and pitted) with equal amounts of sugar (I’d use less) and a bottle of the cheapest brandy available. Left alone in Nanny’s closet for awhile–do I know?– then sieved and served. Yummer. A more uptodate type slivovitz is with plums, sugar, and vodka which I have made. We drank it for at least 10 years!

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