Chanukah Giveaway: Little Book of Jewish Feasts
Little Book of Jewish Feasts by Leah Koenig

Chanukah Giveaway: Little Book of Jewish Feasts

It’s Chanukah giveaway time! We want all of our readers to to have a chance to win this gift so we’re running this contest as a real quickie. Jump right in!

One lucky reader will win a copy of Koenig’s cookbook, Little Book of Jewish Feasts, this week. We’ll rush it right out to the winner so (hopefully) it will arrive during your week of celebrations.

Did you see our post about Leah Koenig’s latest cookbook, Little Book of Jewish Feasts? Scroll down to find her crunchy Poppy Seed Schnitzel recipe, along with all the reasons why we think you’ll love this lil treasure as much as we do.

Here’s how to play:

Leave a comment below, telling us what your favorite type of latke topping is. Are you a classicist? A zesty sour cream lover? A lover of zesty sour cream? A chutney kinda gal or guy? We want to know.

Gain more chances to win by responding to our contest on facebook at KosherLikeMe and on instagram @kosherlikeme. That’s it!

This contest will run from 12/3/18- 12/5/18 at 1:00 PM, EST.

USA mailing addresses only, sorry.

**** Please expect a delay in seeing your comment pop up below. For security, Liz approves each and every comment so we can all stay safe.

Good Luck and Hag Chanukah Sameah!


  1. My favorite topping is homemade applesauce. Nothing storebought can compare to the warm delicious taste of fresh applesauce oon a crispy hot latke on the first night of Chanukah.

  2. Latkes, Latkes, with sour cream, or apple sauce, home made applesauce with a little cinnamon.
    Regular potato latkes or sweet potato latkes. It doesn’t matter as long as there are latkes.
    The choice between latkes of sufganiyot, latkes with apple sauce will win each and every time.

  3. The perfect topping depends on the latke. Classic potato latkes require classic toppings like applesauce and sour cream. When I make something more exotic like curried mixed veggie latkes I choose more interesting toppings like avocado crema or chutney.

  4. This is the culinary Republican – Democrat divide: for me there is only 1 legitimate topping for my latkes: apple sauce. (I confess that I prefer Mott’s jarred apple sauce to the homemade version because it’s what mother used to ‘make.’

  5. Purist…latke w/Mott’s Apple Sauce…or homemade (not too chunky)…if dairy…Greek plain Yogurt w/ chives, lemon zest…sometimes Sumac/Zz’atar…Chag Urim Sameach! & thx for letting me play here :o)

  6. It seems that each time i eat them, i enjoy another variety of topping….yes to sour cream and yes to chunky cinnamon apple sauce,….but my latest is guacamole with them….a terrific variety….thank you for this opportunity.

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