Celebrating with Cookies and Champagne

Celebrating with Cookies and Champagne

Wondering how to celebrate the launch of 2013?

I’ll wager that bubbly and sweets are on your menu. Check out Lil’ Miss Cakes and her whimsical idea for merging the two.

Melissa Kaye‘s baking business, Lil’ Miss Cakes, is an inventive whirlwind centered on baking non-dairy creations of all kinds. For those with dairy sensitivities and kosher keepers this is a dream come true .

 And who doesn’t need to order from an expert sometimes? If you are not up for baking it yourself this is a big tip!

Moist chocolate chip cookies, chewy snicker-doodles rolled in cinnamon sugar, chocolate devil dogs wrapped around marshmallow cream, boozy ameretto and vodka iced Harvey Wallbanger cakes are all in her bag of tricks.

Melissa honed her baking skills at the French Culinary Institute in NYC. Following nine years as chief cake decorator at her local bakery, she’s her own boss now. As a custom baker she responds to requests for personalized designs.

Specialty cookies (think engagement and wedding), catering to kids’ birthday fantasies, and imaginative, elegant wedding cake creations are all part of her day’s work.

Melissa and I are cooking up a give-away together for early in the new year, so be on the look-out for that.

In the meanwhile, you can find detailed instructions on how to bake and assemble this happy merging of bubbly and sweets here.

And if you can’t wait for that post about our upcoming give-away, consider ordering from Melissa for your next baby naming, Bat Mitzvah, Holy Communion, wedding or dinner soiree. You may check out her page here .

She delivers to all five boroughs of NYC, northern N.J. and Rockland County. Speedy shipping (some items) is available to other areas, too.

And because considering the past while looking towards the future is what we do as the calendar page turns, I can’t help but reflect on the many new friends (like Melissa) I’ve met while exploring for Kosher Like Me.

A huge, heartfelt thank you and expression of admiration for Melinda Strauss and Shelley Serber, organizers of the Kosher Food Bloggers Conference, which took place in NYC last month. This network is described by the co-founders as “a community of food bloggers and foodies that share a common passion for good kosher food and culinary adventure.”  After a full day of listening, learning and sharing, we migrated to Abigail’s  for a sumptuous dinner. Hard to believe it but we were up for more thought provoking programming, organized by the SweetUP  team of Esti Berkowitz and Abbey Wolin, and the dynamic Atlanta based duo called KosherEye.

Every participant in these two stimulating events developed new friendships and was prompted to think more broadly about what we do as bloggers, writers, editors, cooks, photographers…. the list of creative endeavors goes on and on. It is with much gratitude that I reflect on the richness of these new connections.

Wishing you joyful culinary discoveries in the coming year. I can’t wait to share MINE with you.

Happy New Year!

all photos in this post are courtesy of Melissa Kaye, Lil’ Miss Cakes.


  1. Liz,

    I am so glad that the world of kosher foodies has brought us together. Thank you for continuing to share the great network of kosher foodies and their various talents here on And, thank you so much for being at the 2nd Annual Pre-Kosherfest Social Media Dinner!

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