Celebrate Summer Cookbook Give-Away!

Celebrate Summer Cookbook Give-Away!

It’s time to celebrate the beginning of summer with a gift of this cookbook for my most enthusiastic and loyal readers. Yay for y’all!

Hannah Kaminsky has outdone herself with her fourth cookbook called Easy As Vegan Pie, One of-a-Kind Sweet and Savory Slices.  That’s right, this time around Kaminsky treats us to both sweet and savory pies and every variation and innovation you can imagine.

With over 100 tempting pie recipes and sumptuous photos to go along with them, this is the only pie bible you will need. Looking to steer clear of dairy and those fatty pie crusts? You’ll get all the help and buckets of inspiration here. And you already guessed that all of these recipes are kosher and pareve (dairy free). How great is that?

She covers it all:  crumbly crusts including numerous gluten-free variations, fruit pies like Pomegranate Pecan Pie, frozen pies like the Frozen Mojito Pie I posted this week (recipe included!) and all sorts of savory pies.  How about Tamale Pies with spicy chopped vegetables, black beans and corn in the filling? Ready for an old fashioned Mud Pie? Of course, Kaminsky covers our childhood favorites.

Here’s how you can enter to win Easy As Vegan Pie:

Leave a comment below, telling us what types of posts you like reading best on Kosher Like Me.

Love the resto reviews? want more product recommendations? more recipes? We want to know what you would like to see more of!

This give-away runs from this very moment through midnight on June 11, 2014. Winner will be notified on June 12, 2014. As soon as I let you know that you are the lucky one, I will pop this beautiful volume in the mail to you. Be sure to fill out the comment form with an e-mail address you read every day.

Good luck and happy pie baking!


  1. I am disabled, now at home a lot, and would love some more recipes, as it have a special chair I the kitchen now so can attempt more. I am not very good at making pies, although very good at eating them! Please think of me for a free copy of your book.

  2. I am vegan and my husband and children are not. I love all your posts because you always have recipes suitable for every one. We also keep Kosher so your holiday recipes which I have tried so far, have been a hit among my family and relatives and friends. Keep up the good work and I would LOVE to have this book at home to try even more recipes. Thank you for a wonderful job.

  3. I love your recipes–as someone else who keeps kosher but only prefers to use fresh and local when possible, finding your site was heaven for me! Please keep them coming . . .

  4. There’s not that many cooking blogs that I actually end up cooking from. Inspiration is good, but your site makes me feel like you have me in mind…kosher home, healthy fresh ingredients. And best of all, useful recipes.

    I do enjoy the restaurant reviews, too. But I don’t get out to them as much as I’d like 😉

    The pies look great!

  5. I’m always trying to incorporate vegan in to my diet. I’m not the best at it but I feel I could make this happen more often with your delicious dessert recipes!!

  6. I have a daughter who is vegan. She has had an affect on our whole household- we eat many vegetarian/vegan meals. I love your recipes it gives me inspiration to make delicious meals. I love cooking and am always seeking new ideas!

  7. I saw this book at the library yesterday and my interest was piqued. What a fortuitously timed giveaway. I enjoy reading your restaurant reviews of places in NYC.I’m doubting I’ll make it to the city any time soon, but I can enjoy from a distance.

  8. I always enjoy KLM’s vibrant and wholesome recipes. They inspire me to keep it clean with fresh twists on old favorites. I’m a gluten free girl so I always appreciate the posts that are GF friendly. Keeping my fingers crossed; would love this book.

  9. My favorite posts are the recipes and restaurant reviews. I think kosherlikeme.com has an appeal beyond eating Kosher. You cover the local and healthy options. Your recipes catch my eye because they are interesting and along the lines of what I like to eat (also, nice photography :)). The restaurant reviews are a breath of fresh air – they say good AND bad and come from a perspective I respect. 🙂 Keep it up!

  10. I thoroughly enjoy post you write. You are a fabulous writer, photographer, and my favorite cook book author. I especially like all the fun and inventive recipes for summer including your frozen treats. I just love everything you create and am excited about learning to cook new and delicious vegan meals and treats.

  11. I love the recipes! My boyfriend has multiple myeloma and fortunately is in remission, but ever since he was diagnosed I’ve been trying to incorporate more vegan-based recipes and limit my use of packaged, pre- made products. The cookbook sounds perfect for us!

  12. I’m a vegetarian but I love to cook vegan meals
    For my family . They all eat meat but appreciate
    The healthy creative dinners . I also post my
    Meals on my Instagram account to inspire my
    Followers to cook healthy vegan / vegetarian
    Clean food .

  13. I love your diverse recipes. Having grown up and spending my younger married life preparing foods that we loved but were almost always the traditional kosher European foods that my mother and the rest of the family prepared it is exciting to be able to intersperse them among your modern and diverse recipes. What i would like to see, however, is a basic index to the recipes, to make searching for a specific recipe or simply to see what you have lovingly posted for us in a more easily located listing. Thank you for this opportunity.

  14. am a cookbook addict. love reading new recipes and trying new things. i have almost every kosher cookbook out there that i can get my hands on. would love to add this one to my collection. this is my first time on this site and can’t wait to start trying some recipes.

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