Breakfast in Haifa & Israeli Chopped Salad

Breakfast in Haifa & Israeli Chopped Salad

When we discovered the Villa Carmel Hotel on a shady, tree lined street off the main drag in the busy Carmel center, we were grateful.  As visitors to M’s native Israel each year for more than 30 years, we had stayed in nearly every other hotel in Haifa, and disliked them all.  Cavernous lobbies, kids running amok, outdated color schemes and tired furniture prevailed.

We searched for an alternative and found it four years ago, in a historic building that now houses this 15 room boutique hotel. The hotel was built in the 1940’s and changed hands a few times. David Ben Gurion, first Israeli Prime Minister, and his wife, Paula, were regular guests when they visited Haifa in the 1940’s and 50’s.  In between, the building was a retirement home until it was purchased by the current owners. They spent a full year carving out and reconfiguring the guest rooms, a small lobby, and an airy dining room and expansive outdoor patio.

We stayed at the Villa Carmel last week. It was our fifth time. We were happy to lapse into our morning routine:  We wander down the quiet, wooden stairs of this three story, stone building and are greeted by name and warm smiles by a young and well- trained staff.

We head straight out to the deeply shaded patio with the same cool, pale, stone floor as the rest of the restaurant.  Glass doors allow the beautiful gardens to be viewed but keep the heat at bay later in the day.

We order strong coffee, unfailingly rich and aromatic.  Stone walls form the courtyard where we dine, protecting this gem from the neighborhood buzz. Two newspapers are handed to us, one for the hubby in Hebrew, and the English language Jerusalem Post, for me.

Breakfast is included for hotel guests but outsiders are welcome and sometimes peer in from the slim, gated entry to the side street where children’s laughter can be heard from the playground nearby.

Fridays are the busiest breakfast day at this small hotel, as they serve a buffet of thoughtfully arranged platters and pretty bowls. They are brimming with brightly colored, raw vegetable and fruit salads and savory dips.

House made mini pastries fill the air with a heavenly combination of chocolate, yeast and fruit preserves.

During the week, an ala carte menu of five or six entrees is offered.  For those with jetlag or late sleepers, breakfast is served until 3 PM. Parents of teenagers or exhausted university students, take note.

All dishes are accompanied by neatly chopped Israeli salad of crisp cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, green peppers and mild onions. Each day brings a variety of cheeses, some creamy and tart, cut into neat triangles, some firm and salty.

Tapenades of green or black olives with fresh herbs make for savory toppings on freshly baked whole grain bread, provided by a private bakery in the neighborhood. House made pear, apple and tomato jams are all part of the offerings.

Israeli style omelets are a simple affair, with choices of freshly chopped herbs or cheese mixed in. All are delicious.

Shakshukah, with soft boiled eggs nestled into a tangy, spicy tomato sauce, is served in the pan it was simmered in, as it should be. Spinach or eggplant supplement the tomatoes, making for a savory and vitamin rich start.

Tortilla wraps oozing with herbed goat cheese, quiche, or muesli served with goat milk yogurt, fresh fruit and honey are all options.

Freshly squeezed juice is a must, as the day is bound to heat up quickly and the oranges are too fresh and sweet and to pass up. They were likely picked from a field nearby (or at the airport, where we parked in the pardes or orchard section and laughed as we inhaled the distinctive, floral scent of orange blossoms mixed with jet fuel).

With Passover approaching, I watched the massive quantity of eggs being carted into the kitchen, as the hotel was hosting numerous family Seder dinners and more eggs are used in Passover recipes than any other holiday.

Villa Carmel is the perfect place to host a private party. We did just that last Passover, when our son proposed to his love in the nearby Bahai Gardens. Both sides of the family joined us in joyful celebration for a perfect dinner, there.

Hotel manager, Moran Peleg, (with the hotel since it re-opened and a beautiful blond, deceptively easy going presence) was eager to please and professional, handling all of our details for dinner for 30. She helped me well in advance and with flexibility as I fine tuned the menu via e-mail and phone.

“And, what about flowers? Should I take care of it for you? You trust me by now, no?”  Peleg arranged the glass walled garden room to perfection, draping tables and arranging for perfectly coordinated flowers and candles that heightened the festive air of young love and new commitment.

If a sumptuous breakfast with well prepared items, served in a quiet setting is your thing before heading out for a busy day in the North of Israel, check out the Villa Carmel in Haifa.

The peaceful vibe in this gem of a garden setting, supported by caring, omnipresent owners and delightful staff, is a true find. We will be there again next year, for sure.


  1. Liz, looking at these photos and reading your description of the Israeli breakfast, transported me to Israel! Also, my entire Shabbos dinner tonight is straight of the cookbook you reviewed last week, Fresh N Easy, by Leah Schapiro. I received it as a gift two months ago, and have not had time to get to it. Your review had me reading it , and excited to try so many new and easy recipes…thank you!!

    • So glad you like Leah Schapira’s book. It would make a great gift, esp. for busy Moms, young people and brides. Shabbat Shalom and let all of us know what you made and how you liked the dishes.

  2. What a fabulous post, loved every word. We spent about a week in Haifa last year when our daughter did her study abroad at U of Haifa. We stayed at the Colony, which was lovely, but not as nice as you are describing! I wish I had stayed at Villa Carmel.
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures and words.

  3. Never had I wished to be in Israel as I do at this moment after reading this post. I want to be transported here immediately and experience it for myself. Food and all!

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