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Apple & Fennel Noodle Kugel

Apple & Fennel Noodle Kugel

Melissa Roberts

Noodle kugel usually finds itself alongside the bagels at a Yom Kippur break fast. Kugel, sweetened with fruit and sugar, symbolizes a wish for a sweet year ahead. There are many variations on this theme and the following recipe provides tradition with a twist on the familiar.

A cottage cheese and sour cream base is blended with eggs, sugar, vanilla and lemon zest into a smooth custard, an extra step, but one that lends a creamy base. Next, the kugel is studded with plump golden raisins and apple, a combination with hints of the fall season ahead.

But there’s more. Because apples pair well with fennel, the sugar is whizzed with fennel seed, lacing the kugel with a faint licorice flavor.


  1. Would never dream of adding fennel but my taste buds can easily imagine this twist on tradition. And, I never this: ‘sweetened with fruit and sugar, symbolizes a wish for a sweet year ahead’ – I just love that!

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