Apple Compote Parfaits Lighten up Dessert
Photo: @LizRueven

Apple Compote Parfaits Lighten up Dessert

I’m all for Jewish food traditions and Rosh HaShanah is loaded with them. The sweetest of them all is pairing apples with honey as we wish our friends and family a sweet new year. While I wouldn’t think of setting my table without this symbolic duo, I love the challenge of re-thinking ways to express this tradition.

My creative wheels were spinning as my collaboration with Seed and Mill began to take shape.* Co-founder and owner, Rachel Simons and I got acquainted via a few zoom calls as we brainstormed on how to create a kosher, holiday worthy dessert.  After taste testing pistachio, dark chocolate and a few other luscious halva flavors I landed on bringing together simmered apples and honey with nutty tahini  and flaked cinnamon and ginger halva.

Rosh HaShanah Kosher Like Me apple honey dessert
Photo: @LizRueven

While this dessert creation is not actually a parfait (which would include a frozen element) and not literally a trifle (which would include chunks of cake, whipped cream and some kind of fruit), I took the naming conundrum lightly and got on with creating dessert.

This dairy-free dessert is my twist on serving apples dipped in honey for the Jewish New Year. Autumn’s iconic flavors of ginger and cinnamon, rippled throughout the Seed and Mill halva, pair perfectly with this honey sweetened apple compote.

Find any clear glass vessel to layer this dessert in. I used my Mom’s chunky stemmed water glasses, c. 1970, which have wide bowls that invite generous portions. If you have Ball jars, parfait glasses or stemless wine glasses, you’ll have fun assembling these unexpected elements in this do-ahead dessert.

For more ideas on symbolic ingredients you’ll want to incorporate into your Rosh HaShanah menus scroll up to the HOLIDAYS heading and click on Rosh HaShanah.

Photo @LizRueven

*If you’re not familiar with Seed and Mill, artisanal halva and freshly milled tahini makers in New York City, you should be. While the pandemic may be keeping you away from shopping at their store at Chelsea Market, NYC, they have plenty of ways to taste or gift their wide selection of halva by purchasing online.

Watch for our giveaway of all of the ingredients you’ll need to whip up these parfaits. Check in with us @kosherlikeme and @seedandmill on instagram on Sunday, 9/13/20 and play to win.

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