Another Giveaway! We’re Buzzing about these Bee Themed Bowls
Image via Rachel Press Ceramics

Another Giveaway! We’re Buzzing about these Bee Themed Bowls

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed and we have a winner. Mazel tov to Sarah from Miami Beach, Florida. Thank you to all who took the time to enter here. I love learning about where you are checking in from.


Things can get pretty sticky when it comes to serving honey on your holiday table. Sure, it starts out tidy until the first hungry guest dips her apple slices into that golden liquid and suddenly your best Rosh HaShanah linens are a tacky mess.

That’s why we’re offering this sweet solution (first image) to one lucky winner as a holiday giveaway!

Rachel Press, ceramic artist, makes elegant bee and pomegranate themed porcelain dishes, trays and spoons that will elevate your style as you serve this symbolic sweet. She creates them in her studio in NYC, glazing them with food safe material and 22 K gold details.

This giveaway includes the elegant 7″ long tray, two bowls (for honey, pomegranate arils, olives, you decide) and one honey spoon.*

Leave a comment at the end of this blog post to let us know where you will be celebrating the holidays this year. We love to know where are readers are checking in from.

That’s it!

Contest runs from September 18, 2019- September 21, 2019 at midnight.

Please enter using an email account you check frequently. We will chose one random winner and ship on time for you to receive by Rosh HaShanah on 9/29/19. Contest is open to those with a mailing address in the contiguous USA, only.

Kosher Like Me giveaway Rosh HaShanah
Photo: Rachel Press Ceramics

If you’re buzzing about Rachel’s work and want to order from her Etsy page, you’ll find more bee themed porcelain dishes (including single dishes like the one in the photo, above) and tumblers there. Score a 10% discount by using code KOSHERLIKEME (all caps) between 9/18/19 and 10/31/19. Simply click on her page HERE to purchase.

*Giveaway value is $190.00; Gifts and purchases do not include gift wrap.



  1. I will be ‘celebrating’ by myself in south Florida instead of being with my son, daughter in law, grand cats, and their guests for dinner. I love it there but my health is not going to allow me to travel there this year. I would love to win (as would everyone else) your beautiful bee bowl set and gift it to them for their home. Thank you in advance for this lovely opportunity and Shana Tova to you and your family also.

  2. Would love to celebrate the bee and pomegranate at our table. We have a beautiful pomegranate heatproof table runner created by the artist Yael Harris Resnick that would look great with this giveaway.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. Please note that this giveaway closed on 9/21/19 at midnight but the discount code to purchase anything from Rachel Press is still active on the blog. Hag Sameah!

    • Thanks for checking in. Please note that this giveaway is closed but be sure to subscribe and read each week; there’s plenty more coming up. BTW, my paternal grandmother hailed from Shreveport. Any chance you’re connected to that community?

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