A Perfect Match!

A Perfect Match!

Dana Noorily was selected (by www.random.org) as the winner of my one year blog-iversary give-away!

She is already in touch with Naomi Sugar at 365scoops and will be receiving one quart of Sugar’s super rich, custom made ice cream as her prize.

Perhaps it’s beshert (destiny)  that these two talented producers of specialty KOSHER artisanal products meet! Granola and ice cream get together, why don’t you?!

photo courtesy of o.a.t.s. granola

Read what I had to say about o.a.t.s.and co-founder Dana Noorily: http://kosherlikeme.com/in-the-kitchen/o-a-t-s-spells-delicious-granola#article-title.  You’ll see what I mean.


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