1 Lucky Cookbook Winner Scores

1 Lucky Cookbook Winner Scores

I love running give-aways and know that you, my loyal readers, love it when I do, too! I especially love gaining insights into what you want to read or learn. And of equal importance, what would you love to win?!!

When Melissa, from my hometown in CT, won Susie Fishbein‘s cookbook she sent me an e-mail telling me why this win is so special to her. She recounts that her very first cookbook purchase EVER, was Fishbein’s first cookbook in this series! Melissa says it is splattered and tattered, a sign of being well loved and well used. So she’s especially psyched to add another one of Fishbein’s books to her collection.

Have fun cooking, Melissa! Please take a snap and share it with us on our facebook page here.

And readers, please know that I try to respond to your comments as soon as I can. But when I run a give-away it messes with my handy dandy Random Number Generator (a real thing) so I don’t respond. I do LOVE all of your comments so please keep them coming. I will always respond when we are not in give-away mode.

Is there something you would like to see us giving away? Go wild! We want to hear it.

Is there content you would like to see more of? Restaurant reviews, product reviews, book reviews, holiday recipes, glimpses into my seasonal shopping and cooking? more info on shopping farmers’ markets?

 Let us know!


  1. How about one of those portable induction burners. Do you know what I mean? Amazon has one calleed Duxtop 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop countertop Burner 8100mc. I would love to know more about them, recommended brand; pros and cons.

  2. Yes, I’d love more giveaways. For books, I’d be interested in “Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking” by Michael Solomonov. It’s supposed to be AMAZING and beautiful. Also “The New Yiddish Kitchen” by Jennifer Robins and Simone Miller. For gadgets I’d love a giveaway for a Kitchen-Aid Artisan stand mixer or The Philips Smart Pasta Maker or Paderno spiralizer. I’d love to have these gadgets in my kitchen. For cookware check out Cristel cookware (stackable cookware), All Clad, and Le Creuset. For serveware: Lenox, Wilton Armetale, and Alessi.

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