Savory Mushroom Cheese Kugel for Shavuot
Photo: Liz Rueven

Savory Mushroom Cheese Kugel for Shavuot

Summer is starting off with a bash as Memorial Day weekend BBQ’s and picnics are followed almost immediately by the two day joyful Jewish festival of Shavuot when all things dairy reign supreme.

Good things calories don’t count ’cause it’s a holiday.

savory mushroom cheese kugel jewish holiday shavuot
Photo: Liz Rueven

My family is crazy about mushrooms and all things umami so last year I created this savory mushroom cheese kugel (noodle pudding) as a riff on the traditional creamy kugel of my childhood.

It turns out, that almost everyone I know, who grew up in an Ashkenazi family (of Eastern European descent), whipped up and ate the same kugel. It’s composed of full fat cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream and lotsa eggs nestled into wide egg noodles. Oh and there’s sugar and corn flake crumb topping.

Do you know it? I bet you do!

savory mushroom cheese kugel jewish holiday cooking shavuot
photo: Liz Rueven

So, channeling my family’s passion for funghi, I used a similar base and veered off in the direction of more complex savory flavors by layering in plenty of scallions and shallots (fear not-they mellow once baked), porcini and cremini mushrooms, and topped it off with a crusty parmesan crunch that everyone will fight for. And because I can’t resist fresh greens at this time of year, I tossed in some bright spinach and chopped parsley.

savory cheese mushroom kugel jewish holiday food shavuot
Photo: Liz Rueven

For more unabashedly cheese laden dishes that are perfect for Shavuot (or any dairy brunch or supper) scroll up to the banner under my logo, click on holidays and enjoy scrolling through recipes under Shavuot.

You’ll find five dairy kugels, NONE of which is the one you grew up with, plus lots more non-kugel ideas.

This recipe for Savory Mushroom Cheese Kugel was originally posted on The Nosher.

straining mushroom broth
Photo: Liz Rueven

Celebrate Shavuot this summer between sunset on May 30 and an hour after sunset on June 1, 2017.



  1. This is a great recipe. And very flexible. Sometimes I use only 2 of the 3 cheeses, or only 1 of the mushrooms. Best innovation was using a big bag of spinach instead of just 3 oz. I had bought a bunch and didn’t want to fuss about another use for the leftovers, so I used it all (about 8-9 cups total) in the kugel and the results were fantastic. Just a bit more herby/green taste, and very good by roasting it not boiling it. Thanks again for a great recipe! Happy almost Shavuot 2018/5778!

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