No-Bake Dessert Solution for August: Peach & Basil Granita
photo: Robin Selden

No-Bake Dessert Solution for August: Peach & Basil Granita

We’ve got a perfect solution to that “What should I serve for dessert” question when it’s so hot that you probably could fry an egg on your back porch. We love August but really, why add heat to the kitchen unless you’ve over-purchased at your farmers’ market?

Instead, imagine this icy, dairy free, vegan granita which requires very little effort other than opening your freezer door to scrape up fruity ice crystals as you prepare for a low calorie, frozen finish.

This is a great one for kids to help with, too. There’s something fun about raking up the icy surface and watching it transform from liquid to sweet crystals.

We suggest a pile of diced fresh peaches with basil chiffonade atop this cooling dessert.

Thank you, Robin Selden, Marcia Selden Catering and Event Planning, for another great idea.

Want to whip up something more ice cream like?

Try this recipe for vegan cheesecake ice cream laced with strawberry jam courtesy of Hannah Kaminsky’s dairy free ice cream cookbook, Vegan a la Mode.


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