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Sweet & Savory Nibbles to Pack & Go

Sweet & Savory Nibbles to Pack & Go

Katy Morris

Whether you’re regularly caught with a grumbling tummy when you’re on the go or just lookin’ to jazz up your (and your kids’) lunchbox menu, healthy, simple snacks are just the trick.

Lucky for you (and us!), we’ve landed two certified kosher, ready-to-eat, fit-in-your-pocket (or purse, or lunchbox; you get the picture…) products that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth or savory craving.


Matt’s Munchies


Photo: Matt's Munchies
Photo: Matt’s Munchies

Are you missing the sweet, colorful mounds of summer fruits as much as we are? Or maybe you’re in need of a healthy pick me up on a gray day.

Liz found Matt’s Munchies in her quest for new product at Kosher Fest this year. Once she checked out the pure ingredients and bright flavors she was hooked.

This “natural trip to paradise” comes in colorful single-serving packages. They’re handmade with real fruit and are vegan, organic and nonGMO project verified.

Remember those pastel dot candies we peeled from rolls of paper when we were kids? This is the updated, guilt-free version and it’s the same kind of fun as you peel the rippled, bite-size squares from neatly folded paper. Your kids will love this cool packaging.

Photo: Matt's Munchies
Photo: Matt’s Munchies

They are also sugar free and less than 100 calories per packet! They’re offered in fresh tropical flavors like Ginger Spice, Island Mango, Appilicious, Mango-Acai, Mango Apricot, Banana and Banana Coconut.

Warning: these are addicting! Order your munchies today using “KOSHERLIKEME” and you will save 20% through May.

Where to find ‘em: Nationwide stores or online





There’s so much to love about OLOVE’s olives!

The 1.1oz tear away pouches – perfect to throw in your lunchbox, purse, gym bag or in the car – are packed with at least 10 plump olives and are gluten free and vegan-friendly.

They come in four unique flavors, all of which are great on their own but could easily be mixed in a salad or pasta if you’re going for portion control.

Check out Lemon & Rosemary (uplifting with tiny chunks of real lemon), Chili & Oregano (spicy), Chili & Garlic (also spicy), and Basil & Garlic (aromatic).

OLOVES are easy to open, pre-pitted, perfectly coated and seasoned, and don’t have any of that messy brine you’d might expect. Olive nuts in your family will love this convenient, single pack serving as much as we do.



Where to find ‘em: Heb Supermarkets, BJ’s Wholesale Club, World Cost Plus Markets, Duane Reade or online.


We’re always on the lookout for product that meets our passion for pure and extraordinary.  Let us know if you’re crazy about something that you thing we should know about. We love to share! Liz



Disclaimer: Kosher Like Me received free samples of Oloves and Matt’s Munchies in advance of this review. Kosher Like Me was not paid to endorse the products or to write this review. This review reflects our own opinions.


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