Vegetarian Korean Home Cooking Class

Vegetarian Korean Home Cooking Class

Haven’s Kitchen, NYC, presents Korean Home Cooking- Vegetarian Summer Edition

hands on cooking class

Monday, August 29, 6:30-9:30 PM

Students will learn how to make meat-free Korean food, incorporating basic elements of Korean cooking such as seasonal vegetables and ingredients from the land and the sea. You’ll work with fermented sauces and learn concepts of balanced flavors. An overview of pantry items that are fundamental to Korean cooking will be discussed including soy sauce, fermented soy bean paste and spicy chili paste.

Suggested menu:

spicy buckwheat noodle salad
chilled cucumber and seaweed soup
summer squash pancakes
crumbled tofu and crown daisy
watermelon salad in rice brew

For more info. including questions about dietary restrictions and to register, click here.

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