Learn to Make Your Own Pita Bread and More

Learn to Make Your Own Pita Bread and More

Start by learning how to make airy whole wheat pita by hand and then move on to some of the quintessential fillings you’ve always loved. Recipes are all vegan/pareve (except for one which includes optional dairy).

You’ll learn many classic Middle Eastern salads and dishes in addition to new versions of old favorites like Israeli style hummus with ful medames (cooked, mashed and seasoned fava beans) and pan fried falafel. How ’bout a pita fattoush salad with dates, hazelnuts and optional feta?

All salads and dips in this class are meant to be paired with your handmade pita pockets.

The Natural Gourmet Institute, NYC

September 5, 6-10 PM

Click here to learn more and to register.

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