Fiesta of Latin American Jewish Cuisine

Fiesta of Latin American Jewish Cuisine

Warm brisket tacos with salsa verde or guava and cream cheese on matzah? Where do these ideas come from?

Join the mouthwatering discussion about Sephardic cuisines of Latin America and how they’ve influenced the food landscape today.

Jayne Cohen, cookbook author, will be speaking with: cultural anthropologist and filmmaker Ruth Behar, Chef Sam Gorenstein and food writers Leticia Moreinos Schwartz and Susan Schmidt. They’ll be dishing about traditions and recipes from Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Columbia and of course, Miami!

Everyone is invited to savor a Latin American influenced Jewish desserts at a reception following the program.

Museum of Jewish Heritage, NYC

Sunday, September 14 @2:30 PM

For more info and to purchase tickets click here.



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