Real Deal Corn Tortillas Handmade in NJ
Del Campo handmade corn tortillas

Real Deal Corn Tortillas Handmade in NJ

by Katy Morris (a deeply experienced tortilla aficionado)

all photos courtesy of Del Campo Tortillas

If you love to wrap it all up in tortillas as much as we do, Cinco de Mayo was just the beginning of the summer fiesta. Today we’re sharing all you need to know about Del Campo authentic, kosher, all-natural, freshly made corn tortillas (no passport required). Check back later this week to learn how to use them in a healthy vegan taco salad recipe by vegan chef extraordinaire and blogger at the Raw and the Cooked, Rachel Carr.




Kosher tortillas?!

Del Campo Tortillas, which translates to tortillas of the field, is a small Lakewood, NJ based tortilleria owned and run by Moshe (Ashkenazic, born and raised in Mexico City) and Minna (Ashkenazic, raised in Jersey), a husband and wife team who wanted nothing more than to create “indelible taste memories through infusion of intense flavors into a whole food product,” says co-owner Minna Shvarzblat.

And that, they did.



In a nut (tortilla) shell

 Their products are: all-natural; certified Kosher (Bishul Yisroel) egg free; dairy free; non-GMO; gluten free; handmade in small batches; totally tasty; very versatile; and welcomingly addictive. Made naturally from fresh corn, water and a dash of salt, their corn tortillas are the real deal.

After living, eating and breathing Guatemala for two years, where corn tortillas are a staple of life, I know.*

Opening Del Campos’ bag of perfectly round tortillas, I could hear the clapping of colorfully clad Mayan women rapidly flattening the dough, and smell the heated ingredients on the comal (a super hot, flat, open medal griddle) drawing me in.

These Jersey-made tortillas, slightly warmed, are just as simple and pure – like a sabor (taste) of south-of-the-border sunshine. They are chewier and firmer compared to flour ones, and are perfect used fresh as soft tacos or baked into harder shells and filled with fresh salads.



But that’s not all

 In addition to the original soft corn tortillas, Del Campos offers baked options that playfully fuse those classic American flavors we love oh-so-much with that irresistible Mexican maiz crunch. Take your pick of their crispy tostadas, toastadas, 100-calorie baked gluten free crackers, and corn crumbs, all of which come in Pesto Pizza, Everything Bagel, and Spicy American Pie.


Ready to “mex” things up?

Check them out at local NJ and NYC stores here, or shop directly online (yes, nationwide!) through their website.

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*Katy Morris has been a contributing writer for Kosher Like Me since October 2013. She recently returned to the US after spending two years in the highlands of Guatemala working with Mayan Families, a nonprofit organization aimed at fighting extreme poverty among indigenous Mayan Guatemalans. She’s eaten more than her share of tortillas, which makes her our valued resident expert.


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