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Make these Watermelon Pops to Beat the Heat
Photo via Bees Knees Ice Pops

Make these Watermelon Pops to Beat the Heat

I listened with delight as a friend asked her husband which flavors he preferred from the selection of Bees Knees Ice Pops at my CT farmers’ market. “You good with Strawberry Lemonade?” she asked. “Yup”. “How ’bout Watermelon Strawberry?” “Sure”. “Spicy Blueberry Lemonade? Cucumber Mint Lime?” “Yes. Yes. Yes”.

He turned to me and smiled broadly, “I’ve never tasted any of Amy and Glenn’s pops that I didn’t love.”

Scroll down to easy recipe for Watermelon Basil Ice Pops. They’re pure and simple!

It’s these types of effusive comments I’ve heard over and over as customers line up for Bees Knees handcrafted ice pops. Amy D’Angelantonio and Glenn Hilliard dream juicy thoughts with all of their senses but it’s their curious palates that lead the way. With raw fruits, vegetables and herbs at their core, they’re not just thirst quenching.

vegan kosher bees knees ice pops
Photo via Bees Knees Ice Pops

They’re more like a rush of flavor that indulges the senses. And their seasonal inspiration for ingredients is all around them as they sell to customers at farmers’ markets across the state of CT.

kosher vegan watermelon ice pops
Photo via Bees Knees Ice Pops

Not in CT? Not a problem! Amy and Glenn shared one of their recipes, below. Pull out that blender to make these Watermelon Basil treats (or sub in that fresh mint that has taken over your garden).

Strawberry lemonade is their best seller and it’s easy to see why. The bright simplicity of two of summer’s classic flavors cools kids of all ages. Hankering for chocolate? Their creamy Chocolate Banana pops satisfy the urge without breaking the calorie bank and like all of their other flavors, they’re dairy free.

More adult flavor pairings express this creative duo’s imagination as Pineapple Ginger Cilantro, Cucumber Mint Lime and Spicy Blueberry Lemonade (with flecks of habanero peppers) cross the sweet and savory boundaries.

vegan kosher bees knees ice pops
Photo via Bees Knees Ice Pops

It’s not just the ever changing flavors, often dependent on what’s in season, that makes Bees Knees Ice Pops so extraordinary. It’s also their transparency and their love of supporting local that makes them shine.

Amy and Glenn collect fruit and veggie peels and help neighboring farmers feed their animals with their scraps. Their wrappers are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They list every ingredient on their website and the list is short and easy to pronounce.

Check. Check. Check.

vegan kosher ice pops
Photo via Bees Knees Ice Pops

Their passion for whole, organic, preservative-free treats is expressed in every flavor and they know them intimately. Because sweetness may vary in each batch of fruit they use, they taste each and every blend themselves.

Watch for offerings to shift as autumn approaches (not so fast, I know). Carrot Apple Ginger, Maple Roasted Pear, and Pumpkin Spice are not just for muffins and pies, you now know.

Check out Bees Knees Ice Pops clever and imaginative flavor combos here.

Kosher vegan bees knees ice pops
Photo via Bees Knees Ice Pops

If you’re in CT, find their icy deliciousness at select restaurants, farmers’ markets and specialty shops by searching here.

Drool over the witty photos Glenn and Amy take of their produce and product by checking out their instagram feed here.

Amy and Glenn recommend these popsicle molds. Click here to buy.

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