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Lemon Hamantaschen with Swiss Meringue Swirls
Photo: Liz Rueven

Lemon Hamantaschen with Swiss Meringue Swirls

The two things all hamantaschen have in common are their triangular shape and some sort of filling nestled inside cookie walls. Some like ’em sweet and jammy with a crisp exterior. Others love flavored doughs (yes to all chocolate or anything flecked with herbs) as a starting point for imaginative Purim treats that lean more towards veggie pockets or meat filled appetizers.

kosher Purim hamantaschen
photo: Liz Rueven


This year, we turned to Rachel Berger AKA The Kosher Dinner Lady, for dairy-free, citrusy Lemon Curd Hamantaschen with Swiss Meringue Swirls. While I’m open to all kinds of variations on this traditional cookie, I really want my hamantaschen to be sweet and fruity.

kosher Purim hamantaschen
Photo: Liz Rueven


Use this dough recipe for any filling your family loves if lemon curd is not their thang. The dough is particularly easy to handle and doesn’t need to be chilled before assembling your cookies. If the meringue feels too challenging, leave it off and you’ll still have the perfect hamantaschen.

Kosher Lemon hamantaschen
Photo: Liz Rueven


I’ll admit that when Rachel asked me if I had a culinary torch I felt a little panicked since A. It’s never ever crossed my mind that I need one and B. I don’t imagine that many of my readers do either.

I spent a morning baking, shooting, and tasting Rachel’s hamantaschen and we agree that a torch is definitely not necessary although considering how reasonable they are to buy, it would be a load of fun to use one. Maybe next time…

kosher lemon hamantaschen
photo: Liz Rueven


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