Chocolate Glazed Hamantaschen Inspired by Southern Citrus

Chocolate Glazed Hamantaschen Inspired by Southern Citrus

Text and photos: Liz Rueven

Hamantaschen, the three sided Purim cookies that have undergone playful re-makes in the last few years, are ripe for your personal imprint.

Innovators and home baking creatives seek new ways to improve the cookie dough (better texture, more pronounced flavor, rainbow stripes!) and bring new life to the same ol’ fillingsTraditionalists still hanker for prune, apricot, and any red berry jammy filling.

No judging here. I love ’em all!

As I spent a sunny break in Florida with my BFF a couple of weeks ago I was revived by the bright blooming hibiscus and tropical fruit on local menus. A visit to the Sanibel Island Farmers’ Market reminded me that oranges come in many colors and sizes, with each variety presenting it’s own characteristics of sweetness, juiciness and beauty.

The prettiest, least marred fruit does not indicate that it’s the tastiest. As I nibbled my way through the market, tasting juicy wedges of citrus, I was reminded that “perfect” fruits and veggies are not always the tastiest.

All of that brightness inspired me to think about citrus and the key role it plays in doughs and fillings.

I’ve provided 2 filling ideas here: orange marmalade and chocolate almond spread. Find the chocolate spread at your local market. It has great texture and satisfies chocolate cravings.

Need I say more about the perfect pairing of chocolate and orange?

The hamantaschen are lovely without chocolate glaze.

But chocolate lovers can add another layer of flavor and richness by using semi-sweet chocolate as an easy one-step glaze.

After you dip the corners into melted chocolate, feel free to decorate however you like. We’ve chosen orange zest and pistachio dust because we love how all of these flavors work together.

But feel free to have your kids chose their favorite ingredients to decorate the glaze: sprinkles, pretzel bits, chocolate chips….. trust them to have great ideas.

Purim Megillah reading is on Saturday evening, March 11, 2017. Be mischievous!


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      • Thanks Liz! Your posts are always gorgeous and an inspiration. This year: mishloach manot will be banana bread. If I have time I might try these because they sound different but not overkill. Also love the crushed pistachios.

        • You always GET what I am up to! I really lean more towards traditional hamantaschen, too, but always feel that there is room for improvement. So many I’ve tasted are dry and flavorless so I am really going for flavor boost without too much wackiness, here. LMK how you like them. AND, Your gift recipients are very lucky to be receiving home baked goods from your kitchen. YUMMMMM.

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