Red Wine & Tomato Brisket with a Twist

Photo: Liz Rueven

Photo: Liz Rueven

Melissa Roberts

A platter of braised brisket is the centerpiece of many Jewish holiday meals. Here is a recipe that’s basic enough to accompany various side dishes, yet different enough to add something new to the table. The sauce is a combination of heady allspice and cinnamon, wine and tomato, braised with the beef into a rich succulent sauce. Continue reading

Ready, Stuff, Roll for Chanukah

Giveaway is now CLOSED. BUT please keep on reading and find the scrumptious recipe at the end of this post.

Sometimes the mere suggestion of a twist on tradition is enough to get me going in the kitchen.  And I wasn’t even thinking about Chanukah yet.

On the last day of the  outdoor Westport Farmers’ Market in November, organic farmer, Patti Popp of Sport Hill Farm, beckoned me to come check out her pile of brussel sprouts still firmly attached to their stalks.

My focus shifted as I noticed the generous, fan shaped LEAVES fanning out at the tip of these nobby supportive stalks.

THE LEAVES?  I had never given them a moment’s notice, and likely had never even seen them before.  They were both  dusty and vibrant and Patti encouraged me to experiment with these lovelies as wrappers for whatever filling I saw fit. Continue reading