Pop-Up Restaurant in Long Island City

Pop-up restaurants and roving supper clubs have changed the dining scene in NYC but with so many of them being centered around non-kosher meat, I haven’t attended.
 So I jumped at the opportunity when my good friend A. sent me an e-mail with an invitation to a kosher pop-up hosted by Manna Catering.  I checked out the menu, liked what I read and called in my reservation with my credit card.
While supper clubs are mostly run out of people’s homes and are invite only or word- of -mouth events, pop-ups are easier to find.  Pop-ups give temporary homes to novel ideas without the set up costs of establishing a permanent restaurant.  It could be a try-out for a concept or a way to showcase talented chefs who don’t have permanent space yet. A pop- up can be a one night event or can land for multiple days, weeks or months.
Temporary is the key element of the concept. Continue reading