Lucky Giveaway Winner


Lucky Arline from Middletown, NY! She’ll have this beautiful handmade Seder plate at her Passover table this year.

Julie and I would like to thank ALL of you who took the time to respond to our question about how you’ll be changing something at your Seder tables this Passover. Your answers were heartfelt and fascinating. Continue reading

WIN this Barbara Shaw Passover Seder Plate!

Seder Plate Giveaway from artist, Barbara Shaw.

Seder Plate Giveaway from artist, Barbara Shaw.

As we approach Passover, I’m teaming up with Julie Levine at Florence & Isabelle for two fantastic Passover posts and one fabulous giveaway. Today we’re featuring modern, stylish, handmade gifts from artist, Barbara Shaw. Next week, you’ll find a charoset recipe roundup to end all other charoset roundups.

And here’s the best part…we’re giving away this gorgeous seder plate (above), courtesy of Barbara Shaw Gifts, valued at $100 to one lucky reader. (See below for all the juicy details.) Continue reading

Master the Art of Israeli Fish Kebabs


I’ve gotta tell ya- it was tough to chose a recipe to share from the generous selection we had access to from Susie Fishbein‘s latest, Kosher by Design Brings it Home; picture perfect food inspired by my travels. Standouts that caught my attention Continue reading

What’s New with Kim Kushner


 Photo: Kate Sears; Poisson a la Marocaine

Photo: Kate Sears; Poisson a la Marocaine

When a cookbook author launches her intro with a line like “I don’t always love to cook,” her honesty feels like the confession of a delightfully candid friend. Or something we each feel, but probably don’t say, as we face another ___________ (fill in the blank: Monday, weekend, holiday, Shabbat, work week, school week, family dinner….)

It’s this tone of openness that first attracted me to Kim Kushner’s The New Kosher, Simple Recipes to Savor and Share (2015).

Watch for our cookbook give-away later this week! 

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Global Gardens Olive Oil Giveaway

Photo: Global Gardens

Photo: Global Gardens

As  we approach the mid-way point during Chanukah week we think it’s high time for a gift for our dedicated readers! 

We’ve partnered with Global Gardens to offer a delectable (and symbolic) gift to one lucky reader who will surely relish these organically grown,  hand harvested, California olive oils from one of our favorite small businesses. These recently harvested, PERFECT FOR Chanukah olive oils are NEVER available in grocery stores. 

Get ready to enter and win this GIVEAWAY! We’re making it super easy since we know how busy you are preparing mounds of sizzling latkes for your crew.  Continue reading

Celebrating One Year with Homemade Coffee Heath Bar Ice Cream

coffee heath bar ice cream in oreo cookie shell created by Naomi Sugar, 365scoops

Come celebrate with me!

It has been one year since I launched Kosher Like Me. And what’s a celebration without ice cream?

And this ice cream is not just any fantastic ice cream. This is Naomi Sugar’s homemade, artisanal, pure as the newly drifting snow ice cream. I’m talking about 365scoops frozen ambrosia, folks. Continue reading

One Lucky Winner!

We have a winner!  Julie Smith-Bartoloni, of Boston,  was the lucky 13th person to comment on the site. She will receive the divine choco Moshe from Bond Street Chocolate. Thank you all for your enthusiasm, support and suggestions.  Keep ‘em up!

Bond Street Chocolate Moses Giveaway


The season is shifting noticeably as the temperature cools and the  rapid sequence of fall holidays is poised to roll.  Launching Kosher Like Me as the new year approaches feels just on time!  In my last minute flurry,  I’ve reviewed vast piles of notes and photos corresponding to restaurants, events, chefs, tastings and other extraordinary food experiences that are the reason for bringing it all together in Kosher Like Me.   Here, I will share the pleasure of my discoveries and journeys as I seek creative vegetarian experiences for those who love to eat well.  Some of you may be Kosher Like Me (read ABOUT and FAQ’s) and some may be vegetarian or simply leaning in that direction. WELCOME!! Continue reading