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Sweet Loren’s Easy Bake Cookies

Sweet Loren’s Easy Bake Cookies

Katy Morris

With a tagline of “be sweet to yourself” and a concept so pure – and tempting, we simply couldn’t resist. We met. We ate (yep, couldn’t fight a pre-bake nibble). We baked. We ate again. We swooned…and now, we’re in love.

Sweet Loren’s offers irresistible all-natural, kosher, non-dairy, whole-grain cookie dough that comes premixed so you can fall in love over and over again, anytime you want, with freshly baked, warm, gooey treats at home. You’ll never cave to those chemical laden slice and bake cookies again, promise!

 So what makes her dough so unique?

Loren Brill, Founder; photo: Sweet Loren's
Loren Brill, Founder; photo: Sweet Loren’s

Owner and founder Loren Brill believes in using only the best, purest, natural ingredients and swaps in coconut oil for butter, eliminating all dairy. She realized her love – and talent – for baking after being diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which forced her to stay at home in NYC and undergo chemo. She then combined her passion for healthy-living and cooking and voila!

Sweet Loren’s was born.


Photo: Sweet Loren's
Photo: Sweet Loren’s

The place & bake concept is perfect for a busy mom on the go, or for anytime you crave some home baked goodness but don’t want to deal with mess. They are pre-portioned so you can easily open up the bag, plop the dough balls on a tray and stick them in the oven. Done. OR choose to make just a couple at a time and store the re-sealable bag in your fridge for another time.

Liz and I were lucky enough to taste all three flavors recently – and what did we think?  Well, Liz’s immediate reaction says it all, “I’m never baking from scratch again!” We’ll see…..


Chocolate Chunk: We loved the generous chunks of gooey chocolate that melted perfectly according to the package’s cooking instructions. Lightly brown around the edges and fluffy on the inside, this classic flavor was rich and surprisingly “buttery” (despite not having a trace of butter!). Everything about them shouted homemade.


Photo: Sweet Loren's
Photo: Sweet Loren’s

Oatmeal Cranberry: These came out perfectly moist, and the plump cranberries added a nice bright color and slight tang. Strong hints of a cinnamon-like flavor shined through from the molasses, giving it a nice depth.


Photo: Sweet Loren's
Photo: Sweet Loren’s

Peanut Butter Chocolate: Peanut butter lovers are going to flip over this rich, nutty treat! This cookie had a strong peanut butter flavor that balanced nicely with the sweet melted chocolate.


Is your mouth watering yet? You can find Sweet Loren’s cookie dough at Whole Foods, Fairway, Zabar’s, Fresh Market or Mrs. Greens.

Read more about Sweet Loren’s here.


 Have you tried these treats yet? What do you think about the concept of place and bake? 


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