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Honey Tasting: 4 Sweet Dishes for Rosh HaShanah
Photo: Liz Rueven

Honey Tasting: 4 Sweet Dishes for Rosh HaShanah

Liz Rueven (that’s me!), CT food blogger, recipe writer and cooking instructor at www.kosherlikeme.com, will present a pre-Rosh haShanah demo and tasting using Savannah Bee Company‘s honey as a distinctive ingredient in four holiday dishes. We’ll explore how to combine symbolic ingredients in contemporary recipes that highlight seasonal, local and creative combinations.

Attendees will leave the demo with 4 holiday recipes:

Honey Pom Spritz (Cocktail/Mocktail)

Honey Roasted Tomatoes with Garden Herbs and Fresh Ricotta

Crisp Autumn Salad Loaded with Holiday Symbolism

Honey Cake with Whipped Chocolate Honey Drizzle

Event: Savannah Bee Company at Bedford Square, Westport, CT

September 5, 2018

$45.00 (transferable but non-refundable)

6:30-8:30 PM

43 Church Lane, Westport, CT

TO REGISTER call Julie: 203-557-6878 OR email: julie@savannahbee.com and use REGISTER in the subject line.

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