Savory French Toast Elevates Mom’s Day Classic

Savory French Toast Elevates Mom’s Day Classic

Classic French Toast doesn’t take much to prepare. And we would never knock it as a great starter recipe for young kids wanting to thrill Moms with breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day.

In fact, it never crossed our minds to stray from the basic challah soaked, cinnamon laced, eggy breakfast fave that we all love. Paired with fresh summer strawberries and local maple syrup, we were always happy (we thought) to use up thick slices of delicious challah that were on the path to becoming stale by Monday.

Until we found a completely out of the box recipe for Savory French Toast with Seared Tomatoes and Za’atar Butter in Modern Jewish Cooking; Recipes and Customs for Today’s Kitchen by Leah Koenig.

Koenig’s latest cookbook is an adventure in Jewish cooking, with a respectful nod to our past and a delightful trajectory into a highly creative future.

While she includes lots of traditional favorites, like Cinnamon-Sugar Apple Pancakes (let’s call them irresistible and essential) and plenty more in ten subsequent chapters, the strength of her collection is in re-thinking old favorites and exploring new flavor profiles and ingredients that were not part of her family’s eastern European tradition.

In the breakfast section alone, she pushes beyond the classics with savory new ideas like Shallot, Leek and Ginger Omelet (wait!! freshly grated caramelized ginger in an omelette?!)  and Roasted Garlic Potato Blintzes (way beyond the bland mashed potato filling you may know and love) served with grainy mustard.

For anyone looking for a treasure of newly conceived ideas, treat your Mom or yourself to this highly creative, thought provoking and easy to follow, newly released cookbook.

Modern Jewish Cooking COV

Recipe and photos are from Modern Jewish Cooking; Recipes and customs for Today’s Kitchen, Chronicle Books, 2015. Photos: Sang An.

Note: This cookbook is not marketed as a kosher cookbook but it IS! YAY!


  1. Another mouthwatering treat! I would never have thought of adding tomatoes to French toast, but it’s a great idea. Especially since I tend to shy away from sweet for French toast.

    Your recipes and articles accompanying them always inspire me. Putting the pieces in a warm over is brilliant. Simple and makes me wonder why I never thought of that.

    Thanks!! 🙂

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