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Orange Maple Glazed Salmon on the Verge of Spring
Photo: Liz Rueven

Orange Maple Glazed Salmon on the Verge of Spring

So we thought we were on the verge of springtime, did we?

One day blue-violet snowdrops peeked out of winter garden beds and the next we were slammed with a fierce March blizzard. How fierce? Powerful enough to shutdown the Gotham that never sleeps and most of the eastern seaboard.

March is such a fickle month! We’ve had our fill of icy gales, too many calories and one too many school closings.

Photo: Liz Rueven

After eating enough hamantaschen to sink a ship, I welcome simply seared salmon as a dose of healthy while waiting for early spring greens. Freshly squeezed orange juice and citrus segments brighten both dreary days and uninspired plates.

Consider making these Chinese Sesame Noodles to go with the salmon. If the kiddos snub the fish they’ll likely dig into the noodles.

Note: I wrote this salmon recipe for the Nosher, where it was published originally.

Photo: Liz Rueven



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