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What’s Nu from Some of our Favorite Makers
Photo: Buddha Chocolates

What’s Nu from Some of our Favorite Makers

Image courtesy of Buddha Chocolate

by Katy Morris

Springtime ushers in a burst of big flavors and news from some of our favorite makers and small producers. We’ve racked up quite a list of delicious products to share with our readers over the last five years. And just like friendships and fine wine, many are only getting better with time.

So, what’s new?

From debut cookbooks to irresistible fresh products, we’ve rounded up the latest news from some of our favorites.

Image courtesy of Tea-rrific
Image courtesy of Tea-rrific


Liz first swooned over Mario Leite’s distinctive, tea-based, creamy ice creams a couple years ago, and has fallen hard for their new Matcha Green Tea flavor. We popped by his CT kitchen recently for a quick scoop and also learned they are now certified gluten free! Be sure to keep an eye out for their new 4oz single serving sizes this spring – a perfect, refreshingly sweet pick me up as the weather starts to warm up. Order online or find a store near you today!


Photo courtesy of Soom
Photo courtesy of Soom


Gone are the days when Soom Tehina was only to be found on their online store. Soom – our go-to for delicious tahini – is now spreading sesame love through retail markets from DC to Boston, as well as the kitchens of some of the hottest restaurants across the country.

We’re talkin’ Philly’s & NYC’s Israeli hummusiya, Dizengoff and High Street on Market; Philly’s Desert Rose and Honeygrow; DC’s Zaytinya; NYC’s Superiority Burger; Boston’s Oleana; New Orleans’ Shaya (you know, the one with recent Beard Award winner, Chef Alon Shaya at the helm!); and many more.

The sister trio of Soom also gave their packaging a makeover and released an out of this world Chocolate Sesame Spread. Open Sesame today!


Image courtesy of NoMoo
Image courtesy of NoMoo


No joke: one of our favorite certified kosher bakeries just got better. Yep, NoMoo recently gave us a sweet surprise with a new mouthwatering line of vegan cookies thanks to customer requests. These “Better than Butter” treats come in Vanilla Bean Dream, Loco for Coco, Chocolate Chills, Raspberry Bliss, Classic Chipper, Oatmeal Choco-Chip, Sugah Cinnayum, and Citrus Appeal, all developed by their new baker, Michael Finehirsch.

They also continue to whip up seasonal and holiday limited edition treats – like their new tasty hamentaschen made with Matisse Belgian apricot and seedless raspberry jams – just in time for Purim. Check out NoMoo’s new baker, Michael Finehirsh, as he takes Fox 29 News behind the scenes at their bakery!


Image courtesy of Nothin' But
Image courtesy of Nothin’ But

Nothin’ But

 There’s nothin’ better than munchin’ on Nothin’ Buts granola bars for a 4:00 snack. That’s why were thrilled they are launching new single-serve bars as a result of customer requests and appeal, making them easier than ever to grab-and-go. You’ll soon be able to find them in a multi-pack with 5 bars so you indulge in a different flavor every day of the week. Grab ‘em in nationwide stores or order online here.


photo courtesy of Buddha Chocolate
photo courtesy of Buddha Chocolate


 Buddha Chocolates

 What’s Changed: Not only are they serving up those nirvana-like almond butter cups we love so much, they’ve expanded their line to include new coconut butter cups and four delectable chocolate bars (salted chocolate, quinoa crunch, classic dark, and almond sea salt).  Be sure to check out their seasonal, unique barks like rose & hazelnut and cherry and walnut, too!


What’s Stayed the Same: Buddha’s kosher friendly, organic, vegan, paleo-friendly, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free qualities. All are available online for nationwide shipping or various retailers around the country.



Image courtesy of The Gefilteria
Image courtesy of The Gefilteria


 Wow, have our friends Jeffrey and Liz of Brooklyn’s Gefilteria been busy! Not only do they continue to churn out the best artisanal gefilte fish around, they’ve been doing a whole lotta teaching, cooking, writing, traveling and more.

Last summer, they taught a Jewish culinary course at the Genesis program at Brandeis University and will return this year for more hands-on learning. Jeffrey and Liz have also traveled near and far for workshops and talks showcasing their deep Jewish food world knowledge.

Most exciting news of all? We’re anxiously awaiting their new narrative cookbook, The Gelfite Manifesto: New Recipes for Old World Jewish Foods, later this year! You know we’ll be sharing that news right here so keep on reading!


Image courtesy of Leaf and Ardor
Image courtesy of Leaf and Ardor

Leaf & Ardor

 It’s no surprise to us that Leaf & Ardor Tea Company has extended their line; Connie and Cristina love inventing unique, uplifting blends for their herbal teas. So what are the latest concoctions we’re hankering to try? Their brand new healing ginger elixir (super stomach soother), super food-laden coconut-goji (green tea base with memory boosting properties), and earthy hidden rose (loaded with antioxidants and offers a truly calming effect).

As always, they’re all completely organic and made with pure, natural ingredients. Don’t forget to check out their blog for the latest news and fun recipes – like lemon matcha and mint chocolate smoothes – all year long.



Image courtesy of NadaMoo
Image courtesy of NadaMoo


 NadaMoo!, our pick for an invigorating non-dairy, gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free, certified organic and kosher scoop of frozen sweetness, is widening their appeal both in taste and convenience. They just released four new flavors (salted caramel, pistachio nut, snickerdoodle dough, and chocolate cherry fudge brownie) to the 10 cleverly-named coconut-based ice creams already on offer and are popping up in Whole Foods stores nationwide! Keep in mind that different markets will likely carry different flavors, so if you don’t see a flavor that fits your palate in a local store, go ahead an request one at the service desk. Click here to find NadaMoo! near you.


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