Kosher Like Me Offers 30 Passover Breakfast Recipes from your Favorite Bloggers
Photo: Danielle Oron

Kosher Like Me Offers 30 Passover Breakfast Recipes from your Favorite Bloggers

Katy Morris

Breakfast options sure can feel scarce during Passover week.

We simply can’t eat matzah and cream cheese for eight days. Sure, it tastes great at the beginning of the week but by the second or third day we’ve had it with the crumbs. To solve the Passover breakfast dilemma we’ve turned to our favorite bloggers for a load of super recipes.

 Oatmeal lovers, granola crunchers and those who simply grab a nibble with one foot out the door – we’ve got your mornings covered this Passover!

Scroll all the way down for two Passover recipe e-books that shouldn’t be missed.

Lotsa Motzah Brei

photo: Kosher Camembert

Watch the crackly matzo soften into a pillow of eggs in our fave French-toast-meets-matzah recipes with modern twists.

The Brei , Kosher Camembert

Matzah Brei with Lox and Schmear, What Jew Wanna Eat

Mustard Matzo Brei, Immigrants Table

Passover Matzoh Brei with Bananas and Pecans, The Kitchn

Flourless flapjacks

Photo: Kitchen Tested

Sure, we could make it a few days without pancakes, but why would we when there are such irresistible substitutes to nosh on?! Matzo meal, farfel, mashed potatoes, potato starch, rice flour and surprisingly, a combo of bananas and almond butter form the bases of these inventive concoctions.

Pecan Banana Matzo Pancakes, I Will Not Eat Oysters

Mashed Potato, Kale and Feta Cheese Pancakes, Ronnie Fein

Traditional Rice Polis: Indian Rice Flour Crepes, Food Wanderings (Did you know the Indian Jewish community, which is neither Ashkenazi nor Sephardi, eats rice and legumes on Passover?)

Gluten Free, Potato Starch Crepes, by Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek of Passover Made Easy, featured on Food Wanderings

4-Ingredient Paleo Pancakes, Kitchen-Tested

Bubaleh, Tori Avey (made with kosher for Passover baking powder)

Eggs beyond scrambled

Photo: Liz Rueven

We could easily pair these hearty egg dishes with some matzah drizzled with olive oil and a dash of Za’atar.

Shakshuka, Kosher Like Me 

Green Shakshuka, This American Bite

Smoked Salmon Omelet, Joy of Kosher

Lil’ Nibble with a cup o’ Joe

Photo: Kitchen Tested

For those mornings when breakfast is bound to be an afterthought, prep these bites in advance and pair with a steaming coffee.

Mandel Bread Pesach Biscotti, The Aussie Gourmet

Cinnamon Raisin Mandelbrodt (Biscotti), Kitchen-Tested

Avocado Matzah Toast with Za’atar and Radishes, What Jew Wanna Eat (featured on Jew Hungry)

For the oatmeal lovers

Photo: Tory Avey

Had your fill of matzah and looking for something a bit more warming and nutritious? Quinoa, brown rice and farfel are just some of the ways to go. Large spoons required.   

Quinoa Porridge with Maple and Brown Sugar, Tori Avey

Brown Rice Pesto Breakfast Bowl with Feta and Poached Eggs, Jew Hungry

Spiced Coconut Almond Porridge with Chia Hemp and Flax Seeds, Cara’s Carvings (with hemp)

Apple Raisin Farfel, Levana’s Whole Food Kitchen

Dried Fruit Compote, (best to prep the night before as the mixed dried fruit needs an hour of simmering to soak up the cinnamon and cloves!), Melissa Mayo

Cravin’ crunch? Granola subs

Photo: May I Have That Recipe

Skip the store-bought with these homemade protein-packed, crunchy alternatives. They’d also make great afternoon snacks.

Passover Granola Bars, Couldn’t Be Parve

Cinnamon Raisin Quinoa Granola, May I Have That Recipe?

Gluten Free Vegan Quinoa Protein Bars, May I Have that Recipe? 

Brunch it out

Photo: The Little Ferraro Kitchen

For something savory on a lazy weekend morning, try one of these heartier options.

Beet and Dill Cured Lox, Little Ferraro Kitchen

Crustless Spinach Mushroom Cheddar Quiche, The Kosher Tomato

Potato Kugel, Smitten Kitchen

Pesach bakery

photo: Family Friends Food

Unleavened and full of flavor…

Almond Financier and Lemon Custard, My Organic Diary

Fruit and Nut Breakfast Loaf, Family Friends Food

Pistachio and Apricot Macaroons, The Nosher

Flourless Chocolate Banana Muffins (made with KFP cocoa powder), Overtime Cook

Grain Free Banana Bread, Upper West Side Mom


And still more!

For even more creative Passover recipes, check out the 4 Bloggers Dish; Passover: Modern Twists on Traditional Favorites, featuring the talented ladies of Kosher Like Me, What Jew Wanna Eat, Jew Hungry and the Patchke Princess!

Also, be sure to download Melissa Mayo’s e-book, full of Passover dish ideas from simple salads to delectable desserts. Add the digital version to the cart and enter ELEANOR as the coupon code for a 100% discount and you’ll get an email to view the lovely recipes. In return, Melissa kindly asks that you give some tzedakah or invite a guest over who doesn’t have a Pesach seder to attend.


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