Holiday Honey Cake & Chocolate Honey Glaze
photo: Liz Rueven

Holiday Honey Cake & Chocolate Honey Glaze

There are some desserts that signal HOLIDAY TIME on our tables, because they are well, classic. I know, not everyone is a honey cake lover. Does chocolate glaze help? I always vote for team chocolate!

This dairy-free Rosh HaShanah honey cake is laced with deep molasses flavor from Savannah Bee Company‘s sourwood honey. I like the rich complexity of this honey with traditional honey cake spiced up with cinnamon and ginger. Want something milder? Chose orange blossom instead.

Rosh Hashanah kosher chocolate glazed honey cake
Photo: Liz Rueven

Watch how I try to convert WTNH Good Morning CT Weekend anchor, Sam Kantrow, into a honey cake lover here

If you’ve got chocolate fans at your holiday table, they’ll love the chocolate honey glaze draped over this sweet treat. Savannah Bee Company‘s Whipped Honey with Chocolate is bold with organic, fair-trade Peruvian cacao richness up front and honey sweetness blending with coconut milk, espresso powder and a second layer of chocolate for a very grown-up, holiday sweet.  Enjoy Life‘s semi sweet,vegan and kosher chocolate chunks are perfectly meltable and gluten-free, too.



  1. I made this for last night’s holiday dinner. It was outstanding. I used the milder Orange Blossom honey from Savannah Bee. Luckily there are leftovers! Thanks Liz. L’Shana Tova!

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