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Gnudi with Wild Mushrooms
Photo:Hannah Kaminsky

Gnudi with Wild Mushrooms

Thinking about the vegans and vegetarians at your Thanksgiving table yet?

We turned to Hannah Kaminsky, one of our favorite vegan food writers and blogger at Bittersweet, to see how she expresses her love for one of our favorite Autumn ingredients, wild mushrooms.

Hannah’s recipe for Gnudi* with Wild Mushrooms celebrates the deep, umami qualities of wild cremini, shitake and oyster mushrooms by treating them to a brief simmer in vegetarian broth with plenty of fragrant herbs. She replaces cheesy ingredients, traditionally found in gnudi, with tofu, tehini and magical nutritional yeast (tastes remarkably like cheese).

Hannah’s twist makes this the perfect pareve (dairy free) side dish or vegan entree. She’s even provided an easy gluten-free switch in the recipe.

Is it just us or do these dumplings look like matzah balls?

*Gnudi(pronounced NOODI) are simple Italian dumplings, traditionally formed with ricotta, parmesan and a good deal of butter.

For more on wild mushrooms scroll down to our previous post or click here.

To check out Hannah’s four books on vegan sweet treats (perfect for kosher bakers seeking healthy dairy free desserts, too) click here.

Photo:Hannah Kaminsky
Photo:Hannah Kaminsky




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