Love Summer Fruit? Learn to Put “Em Up!



If you are anything like me, you wander through summer markets inhaling the sweetness of summer fruits, wishing that your senses could be this alert and tantalized all year.

Sherri Brooks Vinton, CT author and locavore, has written her third book. This one focuses on preserving abundant seasonal produce. Put ‘Em Up! Fruit, takes the reader on a friendly journey, explaining how to preserve a wide range of fruit, from apples to rhubarb and blueberries to quince.  You’ll be making salsas, marmalades, chutneys, gastriques and infusions before the summer ends.

To enter this GIVE-AWAY and receive a free copy of Put ‘Em Up! Fruit, leave a comment at the end of this post. Tell me which summer fruit is your favorite.

And because there is NOTHING I love more than a perfectly ripe, fuzzy, dripping, sweet peach, I asked Sherri to share a peach recipe with my readers. She’s really sweet, too.

Check back in tomorrow for her super simple recipe for Peach Jam.

This contest runs from July 31-August 7 at 9 AM. The handy dandy Random Number Generator will chose the winner and I will notify you by e-mail. Please be ready to provide a mailing address so I can pop this volume in the mail on time for you to start simmering while the summer fruit is still piled high.

NOTE: Put ‘Em Up! Fruit is extremely kosher friendly.

Put ‘em Up! Fruit © Sherri Brooks Vinton, photography © Jennifer May Photography, Inc. used with permission from Storey Publishing.


  1. The Peach! If I had to choose just one. But I go NUTS with fruit during he summer (nuts and fruit are a great combination)

    • Sherri has a recipe for blueberry ketchup that crosses the savory line and is waaay out of the box. She loves it with burgers, veg or traditional. What an idea!

    • I love that Vinton’s book gives 2 choices for every recipe. One is for a short term preserve in the fridge and the other is for canning and preserving for a much longer period. I think I will stock up on apricots now.

    • Norene, wait until you see this collection of recipes. You will love it. Sherri has a recipe for Strawberry Balsamic Glaze that I am hankering to make.

  2. My favorite summer fruit is bing cherries. I can eat them by the pound! Would love to win this giveaway for sure. Thanks!

    • I love cherries too. I was just in the west and the markets were flooded with them. Do you use a tool for pitting them before you cook/bake?

  3. Seriously, I love summer fruit – all of it. But berries are among my top picks. I made a freezer jam for the first time this year with local strawberries.

  4. Raspberries! I’m in Montreal right now and the raspberries are local. I bought some yesterday and by the time I got home there was nothing left. So good!!

  5. Very difficult to pick a favorite! But I love apricots and cherries. This sounds like a very useful cookbook – canning is so much fun and nothing tastes better than homemade!

    • Right you are! And Sherri offers a wide array of recipes with clear instructions on how to mange it all. Perfect for both novices (me) and experts (you)!

  6. My absolute favourite summer fruits are freshly picked strawberries. Pair them with some sweet nectarines, pineapple and pear slices BBQ’d on the grill…topped with blueberries!….mmm good!
    Would love to win that cookbook!!

  7. Yeah! I am so excited that I won the fabulous PUT ‘EM UP! FRUIT cookbook giveaway! Thank you “Random Picker” – you are the greatest! Can’t wait to receive the cookbook and start canning! Thanks Liz for sharing this very informative cookbook and for your original and delightful website.

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